To Sext or Not to Sext

By Avianna

Apr 11, 2018

Let’s get straight to it; do you sext or not? Is it completely fun and flirtatious or can it spell pending doom? Here is a handy guide to help you out when you’re debating to sext or not to sext.

Sending Virtual Sweet Nothings

We’ve all been there! You’re messaging a potential Sugar Daddy and things suddenly take a sexual turn. Do you stop messaging back or do you continue to message but know that the prospects are not looking great?

It’s important to note that Sugar has nothing to do with quick hook-ups.  Nor is it related to sex for cash arrangements. So, if that is what a daddy is hinting at you should end it there. Block and report!

However, a bit of flirtation can be a good sign and here’s why.

A Healthy Progression

Ultimately, it means he likes you. He is attracted to you physically and sexually. That is affirming to know. However, if he is genuine and truly seeks an arrangement, he will refocus himself. A true Sugar Daddy will spend time getting to know you and planning the first date. If he doesn’t then you know what’s up.

Flirting and sexting is good but if it comes too soon that is not a good sign. Trust me. Take it as a blessing. A POT that gets ‘xxx’ too fast means you can ditch him and find someone better. Ain’t nobody got time to waste!

Arrangements Age Like a Fine Wine

Arrangements are not fast impulsive things. They take time and consideration. If your ‘relationship’ with a daddy doesn’t last long or if it doesn’t feel secure it may be because he never intended it be a true arrangement. You just met a salt/ fake/ sex daddy. If it feels like a hookup it probably is. Just like sugar in your diet, biology says simple sugars doesn’t last long. They have an energy spike but it fast plummets and leaves you unfulfilled. Complex sugar gives a great and consistent energy release. This analogy should be applied to sugaring in the Sugar Bowl. Only true sugar will give you everything an arrangement can offer. Simple (fast) sugar will not.

Remember an arrangement is something that a man who wants quick fun will never give you!

So, what a man says and does reveals if he is truly looking for an arrangement or not, so pay attention and don’t be fooled.

Trust your intuition!