Sharing My Sugar Baby Life

By Egan

Sep 30, 2016

I don’t know about you but for me, keeping my sugar life a secret was extremely frustrating and hard.  

During my first year as a Sugar Baby I had this whole other fantastic life – a life that no one knew about. I was so worried about the possible negative repercussions from sharing details about my lifestyle, that I kept everyone in the dark. I was secretive about weekend plans, didn’t post too often on social media and rarely discussed my personal life. I felt like I was isolating myself from the world.

Finally I was just fed up with the whole secrecy act. It was exhausting and lonely. I came to the conclusion that if my friends and family were worth having in my life then they would at least hear me out before passing judgements.  

What triggered this epiphany was when I starting seeing an out of state SD. All of the sudden I was disappearing at least once a month using the excuse that I just “needed a break”.  Everyone believed me the first month. The second month they wondered how I was affording these excursions and by the third month they knew I was up to something.

Sharing My Sugar Life With Friends

I didn’t want to lie about my new relationship, and wanted to freely discuss this exciting, new chapter in my life. So I sat my friends down and opened the conversation with how I was seeing someone new. The dialogue progressed into how we were able to afford these out of town rendezvous. I mustered up the courage and told them he paid for everything. I then followed up with, “I’m a Sugar Baby.”

The questions came flooding in and it took a bit of patience to explain the concept of Sugar dating. Some people were not very accepting at first; it was really hard trying to explain the Sugar world to people who have only seem the most infamous versions of it.  My close friends heard me out and I opened the floor to questions so we could clear up any confusion.  

In the end, it was a huge relief to be able to share stories about my SD, our travels, and issues that arose without having to censor any details. Coming out as a Sugar Baby has actually made many of my friendships stronger. Those who weren’t as supportive eventually faded out of my life. But, I realize it’s for the best.   

Telling My Family

My parents on the other hand were harder to tell. When they found out I was ‘dating’ someone out of the state, the interrogation began.  The dreaded question of ‘how old is he?’ came up. I was honest and clear that I genuinely enjoyed my time with him. They seemed okay with that answer and left me be. 

After a couple months of traveling with my SD, my father got annoyed and figured out the guy I was seeing was footing the bill. He unfairly assumed I was just using him. After all, we never got deeper in discussions about my lifestyle.

I then had to come clean and explain the lifestyle and that I was a Sugar Baby. He was initially shocked. In the end though, it lead to open and honest conversations with my family who eventually became supportive.
I’m happy with my decisions and have been able to clarify what Sugar dating is, not what society makes it seem. You’re the only one who can decide what’s right for you, but I highly recommend being open with your closest friends and family. You never know how they may react.