Six Ways to Stay Safe on a First Date

By Aurora

Jun 16, 2018

Going on a first date is exciting. You probably spent some time getting to know your potential sugar daddy on the SeekingArrangement website and over the phone and you are full of high hopes. It is highly likely that you have planned your outfit and booked a salon appointment too all in preparation for the big day. While doing all this and other forms of preparation is fine you must not forget to take safety measures. It would be tragic for you to have a date from hell that you regret going on for the rest of your life.

Don’t Give away your Contact Details

Giving out your personal details to your potential Sugar Daddy at this stage is like giving out your safety and security. You do not know them well enough to be able to trust them with sensitive information. For all you know they could be a stalker or violent criminal. The Seeking Arrangement messaging feature is sufficient to contact your pot Sugar Daddy. Most people have smartphones these days so you two should be able to stay in contact when out and about. Allow your pot Sugar Daddy to prove that he is trustworthy and earn the right to have your number etc.


In this day and age, most peoples’ info can be found online. Even some criminals boast about their crimes online and the smarter ones still have news articles written about them on the internet. Before you go out to meet someone you should try googling them. If you do not know their real name you could use google images to search by their image. This will save you a lot of trouble as you will be able to discover if there are any alarming details about them before it is too late. Hopefully, you find nothing but a decent resume on their LinkedIn profile.

Keep Your Friends and Family in the Know

If something should go wrong during the date you will need your loved-ones to know about it. They can assist you or alert the authorities just in case something happens to you. The only way they can do this effectively is if they are aware of how your date is meant to go. Ensure that you inform them about where you will be; the name of your date; when you plan to arrive and return. The maintenance of your safety and happiness are what family and friends are for.

Arrange to Meet in Public during the Day

The stage where you and your pot Sugar Daddy are getting to know each other should not be rushed. There is no need to invite him to intimate places like your home or family’s home. If you bring him to your home or your family’s one, he will instantly gather a plethora of personal details about you that you should conceal at this dating stage. Furthermore, if you go to a public place and he secretly wants to harm you, people nearby can stop him or at least be witnesses to any malicious activity. Therefore, it is wise to meet him in a place full of strangers.

Organize Your Own Transport

It may seem romantic to have your pot Sugar Daddy pick you up and drop you back home after a date, but it is not advisable. Allowing a stranger to know where you live could lead to you being stalked or even burgled. Arranging your own transportation will prevent this. Also, if you start to suspect something sinister is about to happen on the date or you simply lose interest in the guy you can make a quick getaway. Traveling to and from the meeting place without the pot Sugar Daddy enables you to keep your address a secret and escape if you must.

Bring a Chaperone

If you are lucky to have someone in your life who you confided in about your presence in the sugar bowl, ask them to come along to your first date. You are indeed grown but the chaperone is not for you it is for the pot Sugar Daddy. They are not there to interfere in your budding romance but to deter your pot Sugar Daddy from doing anything harmful to you. Also, if you make the mistake of drinking too much alcohol they can help you to get home safely. No-one wants to be in the arms of a stranger when they are vulnerable. Bringing a companion on a date decreases the chances of something bad happening to you.

For you to remain joyous and excited about meeting your potential sugar daddy you will need to do several things to stay safe. You do want to play Russian roulette with your life so to speak. Before you see your daddy offline ensure that you follow the guidelines in this blog post and any other safety rules. Not everyone enters the sugar bowl with innocent intentions so it is best that you do not do anything that will compromise your safety.