Should I Stay Over at a Sugar Daddy’s House?

By Jasmin

Apr 27, 2017

Meeting a Potential Sugar Daddy for the first time has got to be one of the most nerve-wracking things a Sugar Baby would have to endure. Spending the night with him is without a doubt the second.So here are some tips to help you answer the question of should I stay at a Sugar Daddy’s House?

Whether it’d be the thought of how to keep things alive in his company for more than a few hours, or being with him only for the benefits. Staying the night with a Daddy is not easy.

I remember my first night with my now Sugar Daddy. Prior to even stepping foot into his house, we had done the usual thing of ‘grabbing a bite to eat’ at the luxurious Savoy Grill restaurant in London. We downed a few glasses of hard-to-pronounce wines not too far away from the vibrant spot.

This was such a crucial stage because although I had spent many days with him within that year I still had so much to learn about him. Every day with him was a day well spent. I learned so many new things about him. At the same time he learned so much about me. We grew comfortable around each other.

Step 1: Know Where You Stand

I had to learn to differentiate between him as a lover and him as a Sugar Daddy. Spending the night with him was more than just faking several hours of laughter and twiddling my fingers figuring out what to say. It was genuine laughter, and despite twiddling my fingers on the rare occasion of awkwardness, it was us enjoying each other’s company and knowing that even though what we’re doing is beyond the norm, we are living in that moment. We are benefiting off each other and not giving a rat’s arse about anyone or anything else.

Here are a few tips from an experienced SB on how to cope with the nerves that come with spending the night with either a potential or present Sugar Daddy:

Conversation is Key

1) Ensure that you have both engaged in thorough conversation well enough to at least know the basics of each other. It may not seem this way, but Sugar Daddies think differently from us. They are programmed to catch things out about us that we may not necessarily deem as important. For example he may ask you what you’re currently doing in life or what your ambitions are. Whether a fabricated lie or the truth make sure it makes sense!

These men have been in many social and professional situations to know when someone is lying – and if it all makes sense do ensure to observe his approach to your response. I’ve realized that Sugar Daddies find it a major turn on when a woman has goals and visions. None like a girl who is racking up Sugar Daddy after Sugar Daddy to fund her lifestyle.

Dress To Impress

2) Look your best – Sugar Daddies are no different from regular men. They want to be around the company of beautiful women. This of course does note exclude you. The reality of it is he is a very busy man with a lot to do! Refrain yourself from having more of a physical laid back approach to this. Get your hair done, your nails done, pack at least two racy matching underwear sets and practice impeccable hygiene! Does your breath smell good? Are your armpits clean shaven? Are your clothes freshly laundered? These, and so many more are really important factors.

Chemistry Cannot Be Faked

3) Do you feel comfortable around him? – Although we’ve briefly touched on what would make him happy and how to make him stick around our own well-being and safety needs to come first. As women our instincts take control when we’re in ‘fight or flight’ situations. If within first meeting you get a weird vibe from him chances are there is something wrong. Never dismiss this feeling. I’ve been in one too many situations where I’ve dismissed these feelings, and got myself in a whole load of complication.

There is nothing more important than your safety, especially in these kind of situations. Chances are you wouldn’t have told your family or friends about the man you’re about to meet so being a responsible adult in this situation comes in handy. Following your gut instinct is sensible.

Without further ado, I’ll leave you girlies to it. Staying the night at a Sugar Daddy’s house is great fun. However, only when you’ve taken the time out to assess him, your situation and its possible consequences. Have fun, but have fun sensibly! Enjoy!