Sugar Baby Spring Trends

By Colette

May 18, 2017

Spring is in full swing and so are Spring trends!  We see them everywhere on Instagram: the Kardashians reppin’ their Yeezys. The festival-chic models with their boho crop tops and cutoff shorts give us major inspiration.  Wearing trendy clothes can be fun but how do you wear them on a date without raising eyebrows?  In this article I’ll share some quick tips on incorporating your favorite trends into Sugar-approved date looks. Check out these Sugar Baby Spring trends!

General Guidelines

Everyone loves to show more skin when the warmer seasons come around. This year’s shoulder- and midriff-baring pieces make keeping cool super easy.  However, please don’t waltz in to a POT date wearing a strapless crop top and a miniskirt or short shorts! Balance is key—pick an area to reveal and tactfully cover the rest.

Also, it’s no secret that distressed streetwear is VERY in.  Color-wise, all things blush and olive are definitely having a moment—especially olive bomber jackets.  The more oversized, destroyed, or decked out in patches and embroidery, the better.  However, on a date with an Sugar Daddy, you should try to pick just one statement item and keep the rest of the look as refined as possible.  Best to save these pieces for going out with friends instead!

Off The Shoulder

What do you do if you love showing off your arms, shoulders, and collarbones with off-the-shoulder tops and dresses? But you aren’t sure how to wear these pieces around an upscale Sugar Daddy?  As I said above, keeping the look refined is key. Even a little bit of boho is totally wearable here—Anthropologie has a white eyelet dress that would be perfect with gladiator sandals for grabbing coffee with a POT. Free People has a black midi dress that would be perfect with heels for a dinner date.  For something even sleeker  Forever 21 has a black jumpsuit that would also be great with heels, a clutch, and a choker or necklace for dinner. I really like these three pieces because the silhouette is trendy, while the fabric and cut remain very refined.

As I said above balancing what you’re revealing and concealing can be the difference between looking classy and looking trashy.  A skin-tight, off-the-shoulder mini dress can be perfectly cute, but you’re going to get all the wrong attention if you wear it to a michelin-starred restaurant instead of the club!

Crop Tops

Crop tops are another fun skin-baring trend that can be tricky to style for upscale dates.  I think the sleekest looks pair crop tops with high-waisted pants or midi skirts, so that there’s really only a strip of skin showing at the waist.  You can definitely mix and match, but I find that these looks are generally best when purchased as a set. Laura’s Boutique has a very chic black crop top-pant set and Naked Wardrobe has a bunch of different sets to choose from. Again just keep an eye on proportion!


Final Thoughts

In case you couldn’t tell by my picks, my personal style is very sleek and urban, and tends towards all black everything. Definitely take your environment into consideration when deciding what to wear—warmer cities like LA or Miami can for sure get away with a more boho, beach-y vibe.

If you have time on your hands and feel like being a superstar, I recommend going through your closet and trying out new date outfits, so that you don’t end up wearing the same thing over and over again.  With each new look, ask yourself: “Is this something I could wear to meet an Sugar Daddy for ___ (dinner, drinks, coffee)?”  If the answer is yes, then it’s a winner!

Have fun & happy sugaring!