A Sugar Baby’s Condom Conflict

By Malia

Nov 14, 2016

Not into having unprotected sex with a Sugar Daddy? The last five platonic first meetings with POTs,  without a single exception, had the same deal breaker request. If we were to get sexual, and the SD desired natural “bare” fun. Well, I “next” them! Other SB’s have encountered this as well, which impelled me to share my story, in hopes to help cure a Sugar Baby’s condom conflict.

Discussing boundaries prior to entering an intimate arrangement sets clear expectations and the rules of engagement. My eyes roll as I hear reasons and excuses NOT to wear condoms. I’m clear that it is not about succumbing to any Daddy’s preference. My desire to have long term health takes precedence over a gift, bill paid or allowance – nothing is worth the risk.

Studies show that men over 40 year old are the least likely to use condoms, as well as the fastest growing age group diagnosed with STI. It makes me wonder if they are knowingly trying to contaminate Sugar Babies out of respect or if the thrill of being with a new partner without knowing her intimate secrets outweigh any rational sense.

If these POTs proposition me into unprotected play, how many people have they actually succeeded in convincing and securing condom free trysts in the past and presently? Hmmm, everyone has a price they say.  I know mine is over $12,000, as I turned down a high roller Daddy because of his natural stipulation.

Allow me to entertain you with a few condom quotes I either heard while discussing arrangements I declined, or had them spelled out to me via text or online prior to meeting. Please comment below if any of these sound familiar:

  • I had a vasectomy years ago.
  • I am too thick to fit comfortably in one.
  • I can’t feel anything with a condom.
  • It kills the mood.
  • If you want this relationship with me, you’ll do without.
  • I promise I’ll pull out.
  • I have lots of experience and great control not to cum inside.
  • If it’s not intense and raw, it is not worth it.
  • If I am to support you, you have no say on how I take you.
  • It’s not natural.
  • I can’t keep it up with condoms.
  • My religious views are against condoms.
  • You will get lifetime support from me if you get pregnant.
  • Babe, if you don’t want to take my cum, you are not really into me. I’m no ATM.
  • Are you an escort? Because condoms are just for whores.
  • I have only been with my wife of 15 years. I am clean.
  • Let’s both get tested and bring the report to our next meeting.
  • Are you freaking kidding me? I got to eat it with the wraps!


He claims condoms cause discomfort, so ask specifically what bothers him. Offer to go on a condom shopping spree with him if you decide to evolve the arrangement. Find out which condom is right for your SD. Make it a fun incentive to test drive the ultimate condom machine! There are many brands of condoms to choose, different flavors, colors, textures, compression, thickness and XL size for the endowed ones.  

Don’t simply let your POT or Sugar Daddy negotiate with you about not using condoms and convince you that is the norm. Be healthy and smart with your choices, and always be extra cautious . Use a birth control pill, ring, patch, injection, implant or IUD as an additional contraceptives, in addition to condoms if the birth control fails and protection against an STI. Remember that in the your 20’s, you are very fertile, and pregnancy takes you away from sugaring 😉 .

Carry condoms with you just in case, and insist on using them at all times. Given the choice, many men opt out of condoms. To be graphic, here’s what happened once to me.  My SD asked to just rub the tip of his parts against mine over my underwear… and then proceeded to push my underwear aside. I jumped up and stopped him right away. He didn’t stand a  chance. He can keep his uncovered parts away from my privates. It was just the second month into our arrangement and he pushed his luck.

Condoms are my pet peeve and limit my pool of sugar daddies, but I simply cannot relax if I feel exposed to danger. I cannot trust anyone who doesn’t respect or agreed with my boundaries.

What’s your standpoint on condoms? Do you give in to the condom free request, or are condoms a must?