Sugaring While in College

By Joey

Dec 21, 2016

Everybody has their own reasons for why they decided to join the Sugar Bowl. For some, they want to live a life of lavish and luxe, or have found themselves in a bind and looking for a quick fix.

It was the summer before my Junior year of college when I decided to dive into the world of Sugar. I was 20-years old, working part time, taking 18 units, and getting ready to look for an internship. I’d gone my first two years busting my butt and felt like I wasn’t living life, but simply going through the motions. I was looking to add some fun and excitement into my life.

Sugaring while in college was not as simple as you think. It was time consuming and became a part-time job for me, which prompted me to leave my actual job. Most people think that being a Sugar Baby is simple, but there is more that goes into it then you would think.

The only site/app I use for Sugaring is Seeking Arrangement, and with over 5 million users searching through members took a lot of time.  On average, I would spend about two hours a day browsing profiles, reading the “about me” and “what I’m looking for” sections thoroughly. On top of that comes the meet-ups. At my best, I would have 3-4 dates scheduled a week, which would range from lunches between classes and dinners, to a weekend at the gun range. That was all on top of school assignments, projects, and exams.

While in school, I kept my SB life a secret. By the start of my Senior year I had found myself in a LTA with a successful businessman. I quit my job and was gone 2 weekends out of the month to spend some quality time together.

My friends soon started to wonder how I was able to quit and start leaving town frequently. I would make up lies, and even created a story about a wealthy uncle. I became super cautious when out in public with my SD. One time, I was out at a nice downtown lounge and almost was spotted by a professor (I’ll save that story for another blog). I now look back and wonder why I was so secretive. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I wasn’t doing anything illegal, and my SD was not married.

The Second Time Around

By spring semester of my Senior year, my LTA with my business savvy SD ended and I was back and active in the Sugar scene. This time around, I told myself I was a year and a half into it and was not going to hide this part of me anymore. I mean, Sugaring was a huge part of my life back then.

The second time around, I decided to be more open with my Sugaring, which felt like a weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. No more hiding, no more turning the other way when I saw a peer or familiar face (although a tiny part of me misses the excitement and adrenaline rush).