Sweet, Sweet loving

By Egan

May 06, 2016

Sex. One of the most talked about issues when it comes to dating and relationships. Sex can be a sweet and amazing experience to share with another person, but sometimes problems can arise. Below I will outline some of the most common sexual issues that occur in the Sugar Bowl.


Don’t settle for the first POT that mentions a payday. You need to find someone who you genuinely like spending time with. This is not a traditional dating avenue but that doesn’t mean you should lower your standards. Intimacy is easier to enjoy when you actually like the person and enjoy spending time with them. Your arrangement should be fun -spending time with your SD shouldn’t feel like a chore.


As a Sugar Baby you will generally be involved with older men and women and sometimes navigating the age difference can be difficult. Maybe your POT is as old or older than your parents and that’s causing a mental block for you. Perhaps your POT has a different body type than what you’re normally attracted to. Or maybe his lack of knowledge of pop culture bugs you.

Whatever the issue is, if there’s no chemistry, move on. It’s tempting to fake it, but your POT will eventually see through the act. Maybe the clothes-ripping attraction isn’t there, but as long as there’s some form of attraction you can overcome it. If age is the main issue, re-frame it and look at their personality: maybe they’re 45 but are as active as someone who’s 25. If weight or looks are mentally blocking you focus on their positive qualities and how they make you feel.  


Engaging in foreplay is a great way to overcome some of the hangups you may have when it comes to sex with your SD. If you are comfortable sending a naughty message back and forth, specifically state what you’d like to do. If you’re not comfortable with that use that wonderful mind of yours to mentally arouse yourself. Think about the things that turn you on. When you are together and getting intimate, grab their hand and use it on yourself. You’ll be able to show them what you like and they will know how to please you in the future.


Part of being a Sugar Baby is being confident so use that confidence to make sure you get what you need in the bedroom. If the sexual part of your relationship isn’t working for you, be bold and initiate a conversation. Describe the things that turn you on. Don’t criticize what they have done in the past, instead point out the things that you liked. They will naturally do those things again to make sure you are satisfied. Experiment with positions and rhythms (and if you’re adventurous, toys) to find what works best for both of you.  


There absolutely has to be a connection between you and your partner, even if the connection isn’t a physical one. Focus on the connection you have and what attracts you to them and it will translate into physical chemistry. Remember, Sugar Daddies often have more years of sexual experience than you so he probably knows exactly what to do to please you. Just give him a chance.