The Hierarchy of Jewelry in the Sugar Bowl

By JadeSeashell

Jan 01, 2019

Sugaring is best characterized by receiving luxury gifts from Sugar daddies that you are in relationships with, so as a switched-on Sugar Baby, you must be able to identify the level of investment from Sugar daddies by understanding the hierarchy of jewelry brands.

Entry-level jewelry: Pandora

As one of the most popular jewelry brands in the world, Pandora is an entry-level jewelry brand. A high-quality necklace with a pendant from Pandora can be $100 – $300, so this brand is a great tool to test a Sugar daddy’s wealth/generosity. If he says no to a 200-dollar necklace with a pendant, you know he must be a Salt daddy. Other similar brands that are also entry-level jewelry include Georg Jensen, Thomas Sabo, and Swarovski.

Mid-level jewelry: Dior

Although Dior is a luxury brand when it comes to fashion and handbags, the jewelry is actually not that expensive. You can find Dior bracelets that are under $1,000 easily. If you can get something in this category, that’s already a sugarcomplishment (i.e., an actual goal set and achieved by a Sugar Baby), even though mid-level jewelry isn’t the best in the world. Other similar brands which also fall into the mid-level category are Versace, Kate Spade, and Tiffany & Co.’s silver jewelry.

High-end jewelry: Cartier

If you have been dating a sugar daddy for a few months and the relationship goes pretty well, then you may want him to buy some high-end jewelry for you. Usually, it works better if you directly send him the link to the jewelry that you like so that he can buy it online for you, because for a successful and rich man, his time is even more important and more valuable than his money (he can always get his money back, but he can’t get his time back).

In other words, if he takes you to the shopping mall, it will take his time (at least an hour or two); however, if he clicks a link and purchases a pair of earrings for you on the Internet, it only takes a few minutes. Please remember that wealthy men join Sugar daddy dating sites not because they can’t find hot women in real life, but because they want to save their time—joining a Sugar daddy dating website is more efficient when it comes to meeting Sugar Babies quickly. So, if you have the confidence in your arrangement, just ask your Sugar daddy to buy some high-end jewelry for you. Other similar brands are Chanel, Bulgari and Tiffany & Co (excluding its silver jewelry).

Ultra-high-end jewelry: Graff

If your Sugar daddy gives you high-end jewelry automatically (without asking him to do so), you may want to send him links to Graff jewelry on your birthday or before Christmas. It’s hard for him to say no when your birthday is coming or Christmas is drawing near. Actually, he should say yes if you treat him really well—better than what he expected. Of course, another way to assess the situation is to analyze how he makes his money rather than how much money he makes.

That is to say, if a Sugar daddy has a lot of passive income because his businesses and investment are automated, he is less likely to worry about spending more money on his Sugar Baby—he literally makes money when he is asleep. By contrast, if a Sugar daddy works hard all day every day (even though he is a millionaire), chances are he will think twice before buying you ultra-high-end jewelry. Oh, by the way, other similar brands are Harry Winston, Patek Philippe, and Breguet.