Top Seven Secret Sex Zones

By Contessa

Sep 11, 2017
While it may seem obvious to go straight for his penis as a direct source of pleasure, there are in fact, plenty of other places he wants you to include in the action. These seven sex zones are parts your Sugar Daddy is dying for you to give a little attention to, along with top tips for the best way to stimulate each one.

Name of His Neck

This might be far from the main attraction, but it can still be a sensual spot. Neck stimulation sends signals to the circulatory system, increasing blood flow and is a sure fire way to get him excited.

Try gently stroking or kissing this sensitive spot, Some men love it when you gently run your nails right beneath their hairline.

Mouth/ Lips

Most men are just as amped about kissing as we are. The lips are one of those very sensitive membranes of the body that can create intimacy and stir an intense arousal between us.

Why not gently suck or bite his bottom lip slightly the next time you kiss? Not only will it immediately get him in the mood, but it will also feel surprisingly good.


Whether it is whispering explicitly what you want to do to him later or whispering that you love him, the act of lowering your voice so only he can hear can be a huge turn on for your man. Not only will whispering draw him in to hang on your every word but it will make him feel as though he has all of your attention too.

Try gently nibbling or caressing his ear lobe with the tips of your fingers for an added arousal boost.


This soft, sensitive tissue surrounding his testicles is packed with nerve endings. That means it’s crucial to handle this erogenous area very gently. 

Try holding, cupping, and very gently massaging them, which is all very sensual for men. For added pleasure, go for the central line running down the middle.


Men’s nipples can be carnal command centres! Comprised of the tips, plus the pigmented circular area surrounding them known as the areola, they have the same nerve-packed pleasure receptors that yours do.

If he seems into it, you can begin by circling these hot buttons with your finger, then kiss his nipples lightly and finish off with a gentle bite. You can up the erotic ante even more by moistening the area with ice, then blowing on the wet surface. The change in temperature of your warm breath against his cold skin will send shock waves of pleasure coursing through his body. 


This is the area between his crown jewels and anus. The nerve endings in this area are substantial and the potential for him to achieve an even more intense orgasm is huge. One highly sensitive spot is right beneath the scrotum.

Try pressing very gently here or lightly flick your tongue on this spot. When he’s ready to blow, press this bundle of feel-good receptors a little harder to give him the ultimate O.


Yes, men have a G-Spot like women! It is the prostate gland inside his body located behind the testes that can make his orgasm much more powerful when stimulated. Due to this male jewel being on the inside, it is not easy to reach. One way to do it would be through his anal opening, so it may be better discussing this before you surprise him with your middle finger!

Alternatively, you can set off this internal bliss bomb through the corpus cavernosa, which are two cavities of spongy, erectile tissue in the penis. Wrap your hand around the shaft and move it toward your Sugar Daddy’s body. Pushing toward him causes the two pieces of corpus cavernosa to cuddle the prostate and carried out in unison with some additional mouth action on the tip, could lead to a mind-blowing orgasm.

The First Step of Oral Sex is Talking About It!

Keep in mind that not everyone likes everything and the only way to find out is to ASK! Be comfortable uttering the words “Do you like that?” to find out what he’s really thinking.