Understanding Sugar Daddy Body Language

By Fallon

Jan 01, 2017

We’ve all been there: You think “I like him, he likes me. This is really going to work!” Then he never asks for a second date despite your advances. Or he ghosts. “He’s just not into me,” you tell yourself. “I wasted my time. What could I have done differently?” The answer may be in understanding Sugar Daddy body language.

Cues and Clues

Sometimes we catch the clues and sometimes we miss them. Other times there are none. There are so many variables to consider when trying to understand a Sugar Daddy. Non-verbal cues give silent clues, so you should become fluent in body language.

It might be a first date. He may see people he knows at the restaurant. He may be concerned with how you’re feeling… the list is endless. There are, however, some pretty consistent behaviors that reveal how your Sugar Daddy or POT is feeling. In addition, it’s always in a Sugar Baby’s best interest to understand how her own body language may affect her chances.

Speak His Language

I’ve had occasions where I was really on point with correctly perceiving how things were playing out. Then there have been times when I thought things were great, but in hindsight I see things differently.

If he is leaning towards you while talking with you, making lots of eye contact, and any physical touch are signs of expressing interest. Another clear indicator is him engaging and smiling in conversation, not just listening to you ramble. Or both of you sitting in awkward silence. These are signs of Sugar Daddy discomfort.

Trust me, it’s most unpleasant. I’ve been there. I now know how to “dialogue dance” as I call it and keep things moving even when there’s clearly no mutual connection. But that’s a blog for another time.

Other good indicators of Sugar Daddy comfort are if he’s gesturing with his hands while talking. Not like a wild maniac, but with confidence and fluidity. If a man is having a good time during dinner, he’ll offer you bread or move things around on the table to make it easier for you. Offer to pour you more wine, etc.

Signs of an Awkward Daddy

There are also some behaviors that might indicate stress, disinterest, or boredom. Glancing around the room and keeping things formal or very business like can be a sign of stress. He may have spotted a colleague or friend and may be uneasy about that. Always remember that to some SDs discretion is of utmost importance.

Disinterest is often easy to pick up. Leaning back in his chair with his shoulders back for example. I learned the hard way on this one. I was on a date and thought “he’s just being relaxed and confident by leaning back;” ahh, no.

He was actively disengaging from me, albeit politely. Another give away of disinterest is not engaging your conversation with his eyes. The eyes really do have a lot to say. If he can’t stop looking at you, this is a good sign.

And then there is sighing. If he seems like he keeps “coming up for air” he could be conveying that his interest level is lower than sea level. Try to have an arsenal of funny anecdotes or jokes to say when the mood is dull. The goal would be to turn his yawn into a laugh.

Bottom line sugar sisters: if a man is into you, his body will convey that. He will want to help you, listen to you, look at you, talk with you and be close to you. If he’s holding back on any of these, he may not be the one for you.

Your Body Language

So, how is a Sugar girl to carry herself with a Sugar Daddy, either new or established?

Always put your best self forward. That covers a lot of areas. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Consider the environment you’re in and act appropriately. Example: no elbows on the table in a 5 diamond restaurant but if you’re at a crab bake it’s another story.
  • Notice your Sugar Daddy’s body language and try to mirror it. If you notice his demeanor change, mention it and see if there is anything you can do to help. From experience, this simple inquiry can turn a date around with a grumpy Daddy.
  • You are his Sugar Baby. This doesn’t mean you talk in little girl speak, or like a bimbo but instead convey an essence that is confident and sexy. Most men enjoy the chase. Don’t give it all up at the table or ruin it by being cliche.
  • Beware of crossing arms. If you do this naturally, it could convey a guarded vibe. Try to avoid it. If he’s crossing his arms, just assume it’s out of comfort and try to touch one and loosen him up.

Sugar arrangements can be wonderful. Try your best to understand the unspoken language that is conveyed by your SDs body movements, smiles, and eyes. At the same time, be aware of how you’re presenting yourself to him. With awareness and understanding of both, you’ll be better prepared to navigate time spent with your pot or established SD, enjoying the sweet life!