Waiting to Have Sex with Your Sugar Daddy

By Bria Lea

Nov 19, 2017

Having sex is amazing. If you want the feeling of being connected and having something special, then stop settling for flings or one night stands. You can overcome those past days of being used and taken advantage of and transform your sex life.
So, how long should you really wait before having sex after meeting someone?


I advise you not to have sex on the first date or even within the first week because it’s important to give your new arrangement time and a sense of meaning. When you allow yourself to wait for something it’s different because then you find yourself enjoying it more and having more of a deeper connection rather than a fling. Sex is healthy and fun and you shouldn’t take it too seriously but patience really is a positive thing. Here’s reasons why you should be waiting to have sex with your sugar daddy.


Just Say No

Saying no at the first time is important because it shows that you can have something that is more than just sex. If that’s all they want, then know that you have the power to say no and respect yourself enough to make better decisions when it comes to sugaring. Use protection, be safe and be careful. Sometimes, you don’t even want to have sex because you find more meaning in something other than being physical with one another.

Just because you feel like you have to give a guy oral sex after going out on a date, you shouldn’t and you should see the importance in standing your ground and not being taken advantage of.



Foreplay is essential when it comes to having sex and is a key part of developing something more than just a hook up. Passionate lovemaking evolves from foreplay and learning the ways of what feels good, what one another really likes, and making it better. Foreplay is all about feeling good about yourself, getting to know one another, and intensifying the connection between the two of you.

This is the second step to developing a strong relationship. It’s all about giving and receiving, and if you’re not getting anything back, then move on to something better. It’s important to take it slow and not rush things. Sugaring develops from having a committed relationship with one another based on connection and communication. Use foreplay to enhance both!


Vanilla or BDSM

BDSM is another type of freakiness in the bedroom. At first, knowing what exactly this stood for can be kind of confusing and intimidating but then once you learn about it, it may intrigue you. Don’t be scared of BDSM and become more open-minded to this way of foreplay and enhancing your sex life.

It is basically erotic roleplaying that is responsible, consensual and respectful. It should involve communication and you both tell each other what you like and what you don’t. Some say that practicing BDSM enhances your well being and reduces anxiety. BDSM is a whole other aspect of sex and foreplay than Vanilla. Vanilla is like normal, boring and not kinky.



Have you ever experienced a real orgasm or faked one because it wasn’t coming to you at the time? You shouldn’t have to fake your orgasms. Keep it real and learn how to reach the ultimate orgasm with your sugar daddy. It’s important to relax, breathe, and not too think about it too much.

The best orgasms happen unexpectedly when you allow it to flow naturally and reach that climax. You can have mind blowing orgasms, with or without anyone else, when you come to evolve through the power of self-pleasure and not having to fake it anymore.


Love Making

Don’t we all want love, like true love, something makes your heart skip a beat. Something that keeps you on your toes and makes you really horny, yes this is what leads to passionate lovemaking. You can have this when you realize that you are worthy and loved before you ever begin to sugar with someone. It’s vital that you let it happen when it’s meant to and you don’t over-try or force it.

Love is a feeling, an emotion, a strong passion that flows through the mind, body and soul. It has the power to change your life in ways that you never thought was possible. Passionate love making happens when you give it time, allow more of a deeper connection, and develop a strong relationship with one another.