Why You’re Attracted To Older Men

By kimberlyinlv

Aug 03, 2017

Is it the way the light hits his shimmering strands of grey just right? Or is it the way he opens up the door and places his hand on the small of your back as you enter a restaurant? Is it the way his confidence and determination led him to successes in life? Or, is it his knowledge of the world around him and his constant awareness? We could go on like this for days, because the answer is all of the above and more.

We’re talking about older men and why you’re more attracted to them than the super-hot 20-something hardbody who’s checking you out at the gym.


Talk about opportunities for meaningful conversation. Whether you’re an experienced traveler or totally career-focused, a big fan of art or just really like ancient history. Let’s be honest discussions with older men are more engaging. They just flow better. Just like the glasses of rare wine they pour you.

There is no sexier conversation than the one where both participants are interested in one another. Exchanging stories of trips overseas or talking fine wine is a bigger challenge with younger, less experienced men. Even if you don’t have your own experiences to share, listening to someone who is passionate and knows what they are talking about can be such a turn on.

Take the conversations you may not be able to participate in fully as opportunities to learn. Listening is key when dating older men. They’ll listen to you, too. Remember, men over 40 did not grow up staring at their phones and computer screens all day. So their attention spans are much longer.


How to pick out the essentials for a sharp, tailored wardrobe is a skill that can be taught. However it’s better to learn over time. Older men know how to rock a suit. They have the respect for you it takes to put effort into dressing well.

If you’re going to spend over an hour achieving that perfect date look by curling your hair, getting those fake eyelashes on and picking out the perfect heels, you deserve to have the person you’re meeting put in that kind of energy for you.

Let’s face it, most young men today just don’t have what it takes to pick out a stylish outfit, comb back their hair or groom the way that older men tend to. Perhaps it is the short attention span. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and a place for the jeans and a t-shirt look. A five-star restaurant on a first date isn’t one of them.

Compliment your older guy on his efforts, and he’ll be sure to keep it up. Be receptive to his comments as well. Older men tend to compliment specifics. They will mention the dress you’re wearing or the way you did your hair, instead of just saying “you look hot.”


Finally,let’s face it years around the sun aren’t something that can’t be gained by sitting in a university classroom. There’s no amount of reading that can make up for the experience that comes with age.

It could be the way he listens and takes his time in the bedroom. Perhaps it is the way he behaves under pressure or the way he demands attention when he walks in a room. There’s something about spending time with someone who has life experience that’s just worth experiencing.

When he does something that you like, encourage him to do it more. The same goes for the opposite. Old dogs can absolutely learn new tricks. If there’s something he does that makes you unhappy, let him know. His experience with being told “no,” makes him more receptive to criticism than his younger counterparts.

If your friends are giving you a hard time for upgrading to older men, remind them of these simple truths. Then tell them to give it a try. We totally get it!