5 Reasons Sugaring is Awesome

By Julia Jones

Jan 10, 2019

Here around Let’s Talk Sugar you can find some pretty amazing tips and an awesome community of people; and (although a little biased, if I do say so myself) we’ve got some amazing articles on this website but one thing we don’t  often talk about is some of the reasons that sugaring is actually really awesome- for both parties involved in an arrangement.

I think sometimes we all get so caught up in the exchange of money for something but when it comes down to it; sugaring is about more than just getting money. There are some amazing things about sugaring.

A different lifestyle

The truth is, it might not be a lavish lifestyle but it will be a different lifestyle than what you might be used to and one thing that you can never buy experience and there is always something awesome about trying something new.

It’s honest

One thing they don’t talk about when you talk about relationships is that a sugar relationship is that it’s honest. The thing is, when you’re in this kind of relationship there is an even higher value placed on honesty because the truth is a sugar relationship is based more heavily on trust than a normal one.

So, above all else, one thing that will come out of being in a sugaring relationship is that you’ll learn to be honest and how to be honest.

Sugaring can help you learn how to have a healthy relationship

So yes, being a sugar baby can actually help you learn how to be in a healthy relationship and it can be a healthy relationship. If it happens to end badly and you do go your separate ways or you decide to get out of sugaring and look for a traditional relationship; your experience from sugaring will give you a good insight into creating healthy building blocks for the rest of your life.

He can help you without you feeling guilty

Have you ever noticed how sometimes, when you’re out on a date and the guy reaches for the check you feel bad? Like, maybe you should have picked it up or maybe he likes to spoil you but you don’t know how to take it because even though you love getting spoiled you don’t want your man to feel like he has to?
Well, with sugaring, all of that is taken away. You don’t have to feel guilty for getting everything paid for when, up front, that is what the two of you agree on for the relationship.

Your confidence will benefit

That’s right. I said it.

When you’re a sugar baby your confidence is going to benefit. After all, you’ll be getting physically and mentally spoiled; you’re going to feel good. You’re not going to stress about money and you’re going to have a chance to relax and follow your passions. You’re also going to get spoiled AF and your daddy is probably going to be more than happy to pay for you to get a massage, a gym membership, or even just some new clothes. And really, when you’re being spoiled as shit, how can you not feel a little bit more confident about where you’re headed in life?

It’s a totally different relationship type

It’s been said now and the truth is, there is no other way around it. Being in a sugar relationship is unlike any other relationship and it’s just that simple. There is no way you can pretend that it is the same as a “normal” relationship or else, honestly, it probably won’t work. When it comes down to it, not everyone can do “normal” relationships either, so when it comes to sugaring you have got to embrace the fact that sugaring isn’t the same. That’s one of the things that makes it so awesome.