5 Things NOT To Include on Your Profile

By Julia Jones

Mar 01, 2019

When it comes to your profile on Seeking.com we can all agree it is the number one way to find a sugar daddy, right? So you want it to be amazing, right?!

I took a look at over a dozen profiles on the website, and now I’ve come up with a list of the common issues I saw on there that you should avoid. After all, you don’t want to scare a POT away before he even talks to you.


Whatever you do, do not leave your profile blank! Let daddy get to know you before he even sends you a message. I can’t stress enough that you can not leave your profile blank otherwise you are going to get passed up by some pretty awesome POTs. So, even if you have to take a break before you’ve started to fill your profile out, add a quick note letting POTs know that your profile is still a work in progress.

Your price

I feel like this one is kind of a bit of an unspoken rule, we know that Seeking is used for sugaring, but it’s not something that a POT wants to see right away. If you do add a price, you basically tell a POT that you’re only interested in money and nothing else matters, which should never be the case.

It’s okay (and important) to know what you’d like from sugaring and what your value is, but don’t let that be the first thing someone sees.

How amazing you are

Confidence is awesome, but don’t be too cocky and tell the world how amazing you are in an overly exaggerated way.

Be a little bit humble and keep the confidence mostly to the DMs. Keep your profile simple and wait until you and a POT get to know each other- then if you really are amazing you won’t have to tell him, he’ll figure it out.

Things that aren’t true

Don’t be fake, no matter how much you think it might impress a POT. They will be able to see through you if you’re fake and, let’s be honest, you’ll only be able to keep up the act for so long- so don’t bother.

Just be you! It seems like a lot of people want to seem more interesting than they feel on the site, they want to attract someone and they think that if they are more interesting they will do that but that’s not the case. When you pretend to be something you’re not, you will either have people see right through you or you will attract people who do the exact same.

A list of demands

No one wants to see a list of demands from their partner about what they should be especially from a potential partner. You know why? Because no one wants to feel like they are not good enough by just being themselves. So, don’t list everything that you’re going to demand from a POT if you truly want success on the site.

Is it okay to list expectations or deal breakers? To an extent, after all, there is no point in wasting time but no one wants to feel like they have to change, either. Please be careful with what you consider demanding on your profile before you even talking to someone- after all, people can surprise you on a deeper level.

“Fill this out and send it in”

For the love of anything you hold dear, please do not include a questionnaire for someone to fill out and send back to you. That is something that will make someone’s skin crawl.

I took the liberty of looking at a couple of the questionnaires that the users (both male and female) have posted on their profiles and quite frankly, I’d highly suggest you avoid it. It’s not only impersonal, but it also takes away from getting to know someone. Quite frankly, this isn’t a job interview so your POT should not feel like they are writing a resume to try and impress you.