6 Of The Most Common Sugar Daddies That You’ll Encounter

By Sianna

Jun 08, 2019

There Are So Many Misconceptions About The Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Lifestyle. Most Sugar Babies Are Looked As Gold Diggers Or Women Who Simply Prey On Older Gentlemen With Money. The Reality Of That Belief That People Have Is So Far From The Actual Truth.

When I First Embraced The Sugar Lifestyle I Was Completely Ignorant And Didn’t Know What To Expect. I Must Say That My Expectations Have Definitely Been Exceeded. Contrary To Popular Belief Sugar Daddy Is Very Much Like Actual Dating In Many Ways. Of Course, Every Arrangement Is Different And Everyone’s Expectations Vary Depending On What That Particular Individual Is Looking For.

Typically Most Of The SD’s That You Run Into Will Fall Into One Of These 6 Categories:

The Hopelessly Romantic Married Man

With This Particular Type Of SD, They’ve Usually Been Married For Many Many Years And Unfortunately Like Most Marriages They’ve Lost A Connection With Their Partner. Typically That Connection Is Either Emotional Or A Physical Connection. When You Meet This Type Of SD They Usually Really Love Their Wives And Usually Are Not Looking To Leave Their Wives. Their Simply Looking For Someone To Confide In. They’re Seeking A Genuine Connection With An Amazing Woman. This Is The Guy Who Will Say “My Wife Doesn’t Listen To Me”. “I’ve Tried To Talk To Her And She Just Doesn’t Hear Me”. “The Passion In Our Marriage Is Gone”. “I Really Love Her And Don’t Know What To Do To Make Her Happy Anymore” Or “She Doesn’t Seem That Interested In Me Anymore”. Contrary To Popular Belief A Lot Of Men Are Just As Emotional As Women. With This Type Of SD, They’re Usually Looking For Someone To Confide In. Someone To Make Them Feel Loved And Appreciated. Someone That Will Provide Them With The Passion That They’ve Been Missing.

The Single Executive

This Is The Guy Whose Either Never Been Married Or Who Is Divorced And Has Dedicated Themselves To Their Careers. Usually, This Particular SD Is Quite Wealthy And Charming. They Simply Just Don’t Have The Time For Traditional Dating Due To The Fact That They Usually Travel All The Time. With This SD They’re Looking For A Sugar Baby Who Understands The Fact That Their Time Together Will Be Limited. You’ll Typically Only See This Kind Of SD Once Maybe Twice A Month Or Whenever Is He In Town On Business.

The Lower Middle-Class Guy

This Is The Type Of SD Who Really Can’t Afford The Sugar Lifestyle; However Traditional Dating Hasn’t Quite Worked Out For Him. So Usually Out Of Loneliness He’ll Try The Sugar Lifestyle. This Particular SD Is Typically Very Genuine, Very Kind And Very Sweet. They’re Seeking A Girlfriend Like Connection And Never Want To Feel As Though They’re Just Being Used For What’s In Their Wallet. Ordinarily, You’ll Develop A Genuine Connection And Friendship With This Kind Of Sugar Daddy. It’s Not Uncommon For These Types Of Arrangements To Actually Turn Into Traditional Relationships.

The Confused SD

With This Particular Type Of SD, They’ve Never Had An Arrangement Before So This Kind Of Guy Doesn’t Really Know What He’s Looking For Or What Type Of Expectations He Should Have. This Type Of Guy Was More Than Likely Referred To Seeking Arrangements By A Friend And Decided To Give The Site A Try. His Perception On Sugar Dating Is Usually Only Based Upon Information Given To Him By The Friend That Referred Him To The Site. He Normally Doesn’t Really Know What Kind Of Arrangement He Wants And Will Date Multiple Sugar Babies Until He Figures Out What He’s Looking For.

The Adventurous Fun Loving Guy

The Adventurous Fun Loving Guy Is Looking For A SB That’s Willing To Travel With Him. Whether It Be Weekend Getaways Or Traveling Out Of The Country For A Week Or So. This Is The Guy Who Not Only Wants A Travel Partner; He Also Wants Someone To Go Out And Do Things Like Biking, Hiking, Skiing, And Camping With. He’s Usually Either Much Older Or  Middle Age With A Ton Of Energy And Has The Funds To Come And Go As He Pleases. He Usually Seeks The Companionship Of A Sugar Baby Who Has The Freedom And Flexibility To Come And Go As She Pleases. This Type Of SD Is A Lot Of Fun To Be Around And Is Usually A Retired Business Owner.

The Guy Who Has No Business On The Site

Last But Certainly Not Least As A Sugar Baby You’ll Usually Encounter The Guy Who Has No Business On The Site. This Is The SD Who Doesn’t Know What An Arrangement Is. This Is The Guy Who Is Looking Purely For Sex. Not Love, Not Friendship, Not Intimacy. Just Sex. This Type Of Sugar Daddy Is Extremely Confused About What A Sugar Baby Is And Is Under The Impression That A Sugar Baby And A Prostitute Are The Same Things. This Kind Of Guy Varies In Age, Race, Financial And Social Status. He Can Be Either Married Or Single. He Is Honestly Seeking A Prostitute Not A Sugar Baby.

As A Sugar Baby You Become You Sugar Daddy’s Confidant, Friend And In Some Cases Their Lover. You Become The One Person That They Know They Can Confide In And Be Completely Honest With Without Any Form Of Judgement. Most Sugar Daddies Wear Many Masks. At Home, They’re One Way And At Work, They Have A Certain Image To Uphold. One Of The Amazing Things That I’ve Heard Quite A Few Men Say Is That They Love How They Can Be Their Complete Selves With Their Sugar Babies. The Money That’s Being Provided Is Simply A Matter Of Formality.

In The Sugar Lifestyle You Run Into Many Wildly Successful Men Some Of Who Actually Become Amazing Mentors And Friends.