7 Signs You’ve Made it as a Sugar Baby

By Malia

Jun 17, 2017

Think about the time you joined the Sugar Bowl. It may have been six months or two years ago. Sometimes we forget how far we have come as a Sugar Baby. Greed may get in the way. Personal lofty goals don’t live up to expectations. The uber luxurious life of couture and all the most expensive cars and real estate a Sugar Daddy put in your name don’t materialize… Instances when failure is felt because you have yet to make to the top Sugar Baby echelon. Whenever it feels hard to think of yourself as a successful Sugar Baby, watch for these 7 signs of success within yourself.  You may be overlooking the fact you already made it. Do you recognize some of these signs of  success in your behavior?

1. You Are Not Driven By Allowance

Yes, money is a big deal when we have bills to pay and nothing in our pockets to pay them. You may already have the basics covered by one Sugar Daddy. That is success!

But you may also be searching for an additional Sugar Daddy to stack up allowances. There is a  price you pay to get that. Another Sugar Daddy cuts time off with friends and family and you lose track of personal time and experiences money can’t buy. Success may be in the contentment with what you already have with one person and choosing to balance personal time, so you don’t burn out.

2. You Keep High Standards

You no longer accept inappropriate behavior from a POT or SD. You’ve learned to cut them off without fear of losing anything. For example, if you have a SD who promised to be generous with you, but never followed through with enough to make you comfortable, you end that arrangement quickly. Instead of getting caught up in waiting or making excuses for yourself to stay in something that doesn’t fit.

A sign of a Sugar Baby success is saying au revoir to pump and dumped types of “Sugar Daddies”. You won’t put up with salty Sugar Daddies you may have fallen prey to when you had just started as a SB. You now hold your Sugar Baby self to a standard. Your Sugar Daddy is accountable and has raised his standards.

3. You Don’t Compare Yourself to Other Sugar Babies

Gone are the days you worried about if your allowance was at par with other Sugar Babies in your city. You compare yourself to others within your age bracket or in your physical attractiveness level. And many other benchmarks you once imposed on yourself. You no longer need to get aggravated by the pictures of cash your Sugar Sister is posting or that selfie she has inside a private jet.

Instead, your focus turned onto making life better for yourself so you are not consumed by negative energy or unsubstantiated jealously.

4. You Can Say No

It is easy to get burned out by constantly agreeing with everything a Sugar Daddy asks. Successful Sugar Babies understand when lines are about to get and crossed or when she is overextending in her comfort. For instance, she doesn’t have more time to spend with a Sugar Daddy than she already does .So she extracts herself from that offer, or says no when she lacks the interest in doing something that bores her to death. She has the confidence to refuse to pretend to be someone she is not to appease him.

A sign of successful Sugar Baby  is respect to your limits and no longer hesitate in saying ‘no.’

5. You Are Not The Epicenter

We all know of so called successful Sugar Baby who act as though they were the center of the universe, or at least the center of the Sugar Bowl. It’s their posh world. Or that Sugar Daddy who behaves in the same entitled way, because he has the cash he commands you and everything. That’s not success.
Success requires responsibility in helping other Sugar Babies and the ability to empathize with them. That is a valid statement when it comes to your Sugar Daddy and his feelings. His desires are important and related to you, and neither you nor him can succeed in an arrangement without collaboration and empathy.

6. You Are Okay With Failure

Failure happens. Don’t dwell on why a POT or Sugar Daddy ghosted on you. Successful Sugar Babies dust themselves off and learn. If failure doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger. Learning experience points out where you went wrong. This way  you can think and adjust to make yourself better. It makes you look for alternative solutions to get out of the rock bottom.

Successful Sugar Babies move forward, and come out better than ever.

7. You Now Have Perspective

Losing a job. Gaining weight after eating out too much. Having a sick child. Getting in a fender bender. These are stressful things and part of everyday life. If you understand things could be worse, and you have a pretty sweet spot, then you know success. Regardless of material possessions, are you enjoying life with your Sugar Daddy?