How to Act on a First Meet

By DiscSnaps

Aug 09, 2016

You and your potential SD have agreed to meet in person for the first time. The anticipation is building. You have met plenty of people in your life and have been on dates before, but today’s encounter is different. This man could potentially be the difference between spending your next holiday at your dorm eating microwaving ramen, or on a five-star resort dining on a Chilean sea bass caught hours before.

The fact that the POT has invited you out means you are already halfway there, as many SBs get even this far. Here are a UK Sugar Daddy’s top tips for how to act on a first meet.

Dress the Part

The first part to ensuring you act correctly is by slipping into an appropriate outfit to suit the venue and time of your outing. First impressions are important, and your outfit is the first thing he will notice. Wear your heels and dress if you’re meeting for dinner at a high-end eatery; and something more casual yet classy if you are going to a wine bar. By ensuring you dress the part you will easily be able to act the part.

Pretend You’re Meeting a Friend

When you meet, give him a hug and a kiss on one or both cheeks to break the ice. Handshakes are too formal (this is not an interview), and no hug suggests you are a distanced individual. Sugar Daddies are normal guys. There’s nothing superhuman about us,regardless of what our egos may reflect. Imagine you are catching up with an old friend, and your body will naturally relax. When you are relaxed, you subconsciously send out good vibes. Being comfortable will reduce nervousness in your voice and make open body-language come natural.

Use the Right Body Language

Ninety-three percent of our communication is nonverbal, with fifty-five percent of that being body language. When you meet your SD for the first time, pay attention to your body language and to his. Maintain eye contact, but do not stare because that will just freak him out. Looking around the room sometimes during conversation will break the tension, if there is any.

Proper posture is sexy, so sit upright. We are attracted to women who know how to stand tall and do not slouch. Imagine a piece of string running through your body and pulling your spine straight. When you speak, do so a bit slower and maybe an octave lower than you would with a group of girlfriends. Rushing your words means you are more likely to stutter, and to loose his attention. If you feel nervous, pause and take a sip of water or excuse yourself to the ladies.

Be Sophisticated

If your first meet is for dinner or in a bar, do not get drunk. It’s that simple. Have a glass of wine or cocktail, and enjoy the food and conversation. Do not get taken away by the flow of alcohol.  Make sure there is water on the table, and drink at least eight ounces per one cocktail.

If a SD is going to invest his time and money in you, you must show you will not embarrass him or yourself as his plus-one at a gala or charity benefit. That means engaging in highbrow, thought-provoking conversations such as current affairs, or your future aspirations. Let the conversation flow and don’t be afraid to crack light jokes. Avoid controversial issues and being benign or negative.

Remember, there are a lot of pretty faces out there but being a great Sugar Baby means more than just having good hair and a Kylie Lip Kit. SDs want someone intelligent, broadminded, a good conversationalist, and someone who is always fun to be around. It’s important to to relax, be yourself, and have fun!