Anatomy of a Search

By SouthernSD

Apr 02, 2019

As a Sugar baby does it cross your mind exactly what are Sugar Daddies looking for when perusing profiles?  I would surmise you are, and you need to think that way to create a top-notch profile. I will convey my thoughts on how I search Sugar Babies profiles when I am looking for my next arrangement. Let me first state, I cannot speak for all Sugar Daddies but there is one trait inherent in most men and that is, we are visual, we want a clear picture of our choices. We all have a type we are looking for, this will run the gamut of size, hair color, ethnicity, body type, mutual interests, including their own particular parts of a profile to determine interest and tell-tale signs of what the sugar baby may be like.

My first step is to take advantage of the filters that Seeking provides, with thousands of Sugar babies I need to parse it down to a somewhat manageable level.  Once I get to where I want to be with filters, I select “Recently Active”, I, as many Sugar Daddies do not want to waste time on Sugar Babies that have not signed in for weeks or months.


Once the search comes up, I start looking at pictures. This is where you need to bring your “A” game, 4 to 5 pictures are all that is needed. If you are showing your face no need for a private picture, I rarely request to see private pictures if the Sugar Babies have good public pictures. What I look for in pictures.

  • Need to be clear and in focus
  • Good face selfie
  • A fun picture showing your whole body
  • At least one picture of you dressed up as if you were going to a nice steak house for dinner.
  • No messes in the background
  • No bathroom pictures, no one wants to see a dirty toilet.
  • No Snap Chat/IG filters
  • No funny faces; I.E. duck face, tongues out, pouty lips
  • No other people, especially other girls that look like you.
  • No multiple selfies, basically the same look 5-6 times

This is just a short list but a picture paints 1000 words, this is your opportunity to speak.

As I peruse the pictures, I glance at the Heading line. For the most part, that line does not help as much as it can hurt you. Once in a while, I see a snarky or witty comment that will grab my attention but quite frankly it’s the negatives in that header area that will drive me and other POT Sugar Daddies away.

Profile Content

As I read the profile narrative, I’m looking for basically short, sweet and to the point. Do not write a novel or drone on about your whole life, save that for the meet and greets. I’m looking for what you bring to the table, how are you going to let me escape the daily grind and stress. In this section I will also be looking for negatives, if your narrative is ripe with negatives, I’ll move on. I will assume that those negatives will carry over into your real life, I didn’t sign up to be around what I’m trying to avoid.  We all know there are fakes, scammers, and the guys trying to use this as a dating site or want your bank information, do not focus on them, just ignore them or you will end up with a negative filled profile. Focus your energy on the legit Sugar Daddies and convey that in your narrative.

If I make it this far in your profile, I look for what I call the intangible part. That’s the hard one to explain, but it goes along the line of the “gut feeling”. I look for a vibe in the pictures and narrative, one that is genuine and that “this” SB gets it. I take notice of the sugar baby that gets the spirit and big picture of the sugar bowl. I will not know for sure until I start messaging them or have a meet and greet but this is a starting point.

I like profiles to be somewhat short and to the point 1-2 well-written paragraphs in both sections. Like most things in life, there are exceptions, I have seen some very well written and very lengthy narratives and these are acceptable when the Sugar Baby is searching for a specific type of Sugar Daddy or situation. For example, sub/DOM or any BDSM type relationship, Cosplay or specific travel destinations. Outside of specific types, rambling, go nowhere, fluffy narratives are a turn off for the Sugar Daddies.


Just like the heading lines, tags can hurt more than help. Keep it to 5-6 at the most and stay away from conflicting TAGs (i.e. sugar newbie and sugar veteran.) Please do not just randomly pick TAGs, choose a few that fit you or your situation.

Once I make it through a profile and am interested, I will favor it and let it sit for a day. I then send a message to the POT Sugar Baby the next day in hopes of a reply.  I am not the type that sends out mass messages to a lot of sugar babies at once, I go through my preferred POTs and methodically message one at a time giving each POT Sugar Baby time to reply. If I do not receive a reply in a timely manner, I move to the next one.

In conclusion, there are a plethora of blogs and posts on how to make an eye-catching profile, use those resources and put your best self out there, this is not Tinder or FarmersOnly, Sugar Daddies want to have a good idea what to expect before investing time with you, make it easier for them and put your best self out there for them.