Apps Every Sugar Baby Needs

By Lily Katherine

May 20, 2016

Smart phones are a huge part of today’s society and there are many useful apps available that can help streamline your life. Below are some handy apps every Sugar Baby needs.

Budgeting Apps

I wish someone would have told me to save and invest my Sugar funds when I first entered the Bowl, instead of spending a bunch of money on useless material things. You never know when you’re going to lose it all so always put money aside and plan for your future. Here are a couple of my favorite money saving apps.

  • Money Lover (iOS & Android): Money Lover features an expenses tracker, budget planning, detailed reports, bill tracker, and cloud transfer.  Use the expense tracker function to keep track of your daily spending habits and the budget planner to make sure you aren’t overspending. The bill tracker helps to make sure you always have enough funds set aside to cover your bills and will even remind you when they’re due.
  • Spendee (iOS & Android): With Spendee you can easily convert currencies when traveling overseas. Very helpful for Sugar Babies who often jet set with Daddy.

Dummy Phone Numbers

For discretion and safety, I highly recommend using a dummy phone number when communicating with multiple POTs. You should always protect your personal information until you are completely comfortable with someone. The below apps offer great alternatives to providing your personal cell number.

  • Google Voice (Android): This is a pretty popular app among Sugar Babies who regularly call and text POTs. With the basic functionality of a phone plan, Google Voice provides a personalized, untraceable phone number for it’s users. In addition, the free services include: texting and calling, voicemails and even the ability to block numbers.  
  • Sideline (iOS & android): Similar to Google Voice, this app creates a second phone number for it’s users. A bonus feature is that Sideline doesn’t require wifi to connect (it connects to your regular cell service provider), so you’ll still be able to make phone calls even if you don’t have access to an internet connection.

Location Safety Apps

While being whisked away on vacations to exotic locations sounds amazing, you must always consider your safety – especially if you don’t know the POT or SD very well. These location safety apps are essential for Sugar Babies on the go because someone will know exactly where you are at all times. It’s the peace of mind your friends and family need!

  • Gaurdly (iOS): By simply tapping this app it will automatically go into countdown to call 911 while simultaneously notifying your predetermined ‘safety contacts’ in the event of an emergency. This is a great tool because you can dial 911 in a matter of seconds while also letting a handful of your friends and family know what’s going with real time location tracking for the authorities.
  • bSafe (iOS & Android): Named one of the best apps for women’s safety, with bSafe you’ll “never walk home alone again.” This app offers real time location tracking and can alert your friends or ‘network’ if you haven’t checked-in at a certain time. bSafe provides a sense of security if you’re out traveling with a POT or SD or even out for a jog or walk alone. Bonus: If your first date isn’t going so well, with this app, you can excuse yourself with a fake phone call.

Does anyone else have a good list of essential Sugar Baby apps? Let me know in the comments below – I’m always on the lookout for new ways to save, tips for safety, and helpful tools.