The Art of Sugar Loyalty

By Mina Cigar

Feb 10, 2017

Major corporations have marketing and brand loyalty tactics to obtain and keep their customers. This can be carried over to Sugaring as well! Applying the art of Sugar loyalty will ensure your SD stays around long term.

Surprise and Delight

Brands are always on the quest to surprise and delight you in order to win your business. Making sure your SD feels appreciated is one way you can keep you SD wanting to sponsor and spoil you. SURPRISE!!! In almost every scenario a surprise is usually followed by the feeling of delight and appreciation. Every now and then, do something unexpected for your SD.

One idea is to pick up the check every now and then instead of him. Chances are it’s his money anyway, but the role reversal can really mean something to some Daddies. If you do this, be sure to follow up with a wink and a comment such as “I’ve got this one, you always show me the best and I appreciate you a lot.”

Another idea is to plan a surprise to celebrate his birthday or an achievement or milestone. Turn the tables on him and plan something special or take him out. Commit to a day and time with him in advance. Pick him up in an UberSelect or Black Car service. Make the reservation at a restaurant he’s been wanting to try and contact them in advance to have a special dessert ready in his honor. A simple crème brûlée with a candle delivered at the end of the meal is simple and thoughtful. Lastly hand him a small gift, (perhaps an engraved money clip) so he feels especially appreciated.

Sugar Snaps

Practicing good social media is key to maintaining a brand’s community engagement. Keeping your SD intrigued is a big part of his ongoing desire to see and spend time with you. You can do this by establishing early-on a good point of contact. A simple SnapChat photo or an email with a photo saying “Hi, I’m thinking of you” combined something you are doing is a great way to keep him in your loop.

Sending little notes or pics can make for a great conversation topic next time you see each other. SD: “Oh, by the way, I loved that sexy lingerie photo you sent from the dressing room. What store was that?”

Thank You, Darling!

Many companies send you emails or letters to thank you for your business. A simple thank you can go a long way. Whether it’s a verbal thank you, a handwritten note or an unexpected body massage, a simple show of thanks will mean a lot to your SD. In all forms, the art of appreciation is one that will surely benefit your long term Sugar.