Becoming a Sugar Baby

By Alexis G

Jul 20, 2016

Modern dating in a hookup oriented culture is just not for me. I am tired of the disappointment that comes from ‘swiping’ left or right. Every time I get a new match in my inbox a small bubble of excitement forms, even though I should know better by now, I can’t help thinking this guy could be the one. The one that makes me delete all four of my dating apps and give a real relationship a try.

After a week of texting this one match, we meet for a first date that included dinner where he asked me the same old first date questions before trying to kiss me in the restaurant’s parking lot, I politely declined and headed home to get back to swiping.  

After a year of this cycle repeating itself I decided enough was enough. I began looking into alternative ways to form meaningful relationships and I stumbled across Let’s Talk SugarBefore I knew it I was considering becoming a Sugar Baby.

Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to explore this community. What I found was a group of fulfilled women who were getting all the things they wanted in their relationships without all the drama. Wealthy men (and some women) offer luxurious vacations, tuition money and monthly allowances in exchange for companionship, compassion and fun.

It sounded too good to be a true and I was looking for the catch. The catch is that although mutually beneficial relationships come with financial support, mutual respect and a whole lot of fun, they do not necessarily come with love, marriage and other things that many young women often dream of. But at this stage in my life, I decided that was ok with me. I’m young and not quite ready to settle down for the long-haul so I thought I would give Sugar Dating a try.

Entering the Sugar Bowl felt intimidating to me, but as luck would have it I made the decision to try Sugar Dating just before the 2016 Sugar Baby Summit.

The summit is a convention where Sugar Babies can learn the secrets to securing successful arrangements from Sugar Baby experts. I attended courses on building my Sugar Dating profile, the art of messaging, how to negotiate an allowance and even how to invest the funds I receive from my future Sugar Daddy. Armed with the necessary information, I felt confident that I was ready to find a Sugar Daddy.

Deciding to give up on chasing after seemingly non-existent modern romance and try dating a Sugar Daddy, even though it was a bit scary. I worried that I might miss out on “mister right” while dating “mister right now,” but ultimately I realized this was the best choice for me. My Sugar Daddy has provided me with a lifestyle I definitely can’t afford on my own, he has exposed me to things I have only dreamed about and he has taught me a lot about the business world.

My life as a Sugar Baby probably won’t last long. I am a fairly traditional woman in many ways, I want a husband, a couple of kids and a dog that I have to take care of even though the children promised to help out. The Sugar Baby lifestyle doesn’t particularly lend itself to the aforementioned things (though I do have one friend who married her Sugar Daddy), so I will enjoy the glamorous stress-free relationship while it lasts.
I don’t how exactly how I will pursue dating in the future, but one thing is for sure…I definitely won’t go back to swiping.