Best Sugar Daddy Qualities

By Star

Apr 19, 2017

Any girl entering the Sugar Bowl knows that it’s a bit daunting trying to decipher whether a POT is Sugar or Salt. During the time I’ve spent in the Sugar Bowl, I’ve encountered Salt Daddies, sketchy liars, all types of flakes, and finally, the perfect generous Daddy. It took a lot of searching to find a Daddy that met all of my needs including a few thousand dollar monthly allowance. Through the search I’ve noticed the top four  best sugar daddy qualities to keep an eye out for. 


Or even grandfathers; a father understands what it is to be completely financially responsible for someone, and not expect so much in return. Fathers tend to be patient and don’t mind being generous before the arrangement starts. They often giving you some monetary compensation to give you the motivation to commit. These are the Daddies that won’t second guess buying you the best of whatever you need, like a 2500$ MacBook Pro for college, or the Canon Rebel and 600$ Adobe Creative Suite for your photography and design course.

Divorcees/ Married Men

Daddies who are not afraid to tie the knot are used to supporting a woman. Not only that they can be(and stay) committed. They’re more likely to seek long-term arrangements, arrangements in which you become closer to him and he pampers you more often. Pampering may begin as a hefty allowance. It can also extend to broadway shows, high end dinners, and eventually end up in the form of a luxurious apartment or sports car. These Daddies are unlike hot young bachelors who aren’t so generous and endearing, and jump from one Sugar Baby to the next.

Humble Beginnings

These are the men who work hard to establish themselves. These men come from a middle class suburb, worked at fast-food places as a teen, went to a public high school, etc. They are considerate and empathetic towards your wants and needs. These are the Daddies that are happy to pay your tuition and will encourage you to get your education and strive to be the best you can be, all while financing your preferred (high class) lifestyle. Men who only know a lifestyle of privilege will never understand your struggle, and won’t be as eager to cater to your needs.

Sweet Not Sexy

These guys do not know how to charm you into bed, or flirt vivaciously in a nightlife setting, but they’re the overwhelmingly overlooked majority of POTs.


This one is a HUGE slip up for so many would-be Sugar Babies, who want to be swept off their feet by a tall, suave, muscular multi-millionaire. The sweet Daddies are the wealthy benefactors who are shy and reserved, but always want to make sure that you’re financially cared for. These are the daddies who will provide an allowance, and continue to inquire about your needs and any additional wants you may have throughout your arrangement.

These Daddies are eager to buy you thoughtful gifts, such as tickets to a show you’ve always wanted to see, or plans for your favorite tropical getaway. The sweet Daddies may not be the most handsome men in the Sugar Bowl, but when it’s sweet vs. sexy, the sweet, considerate Daddy will always take better care of his Baby than a hot, cocky saltdaddy.

While these have been the best traits in most generous Sugar Daddies, keep in mind that they are not the only traits. You can find the perfect Daddy from any walk of life, so search for the one that fits your needs, ladies!