Brown Sugar Profile Perfection

By Zenya Rose

Feb 11, 2017

You asked and now it is time to deliver! I have compiled a list of every profile tip I have to revamp your online persona from height to headline! We’re talking Brown Sugar profile perfection.

Are Your Photos Poppin?

Lauren Urasek was named the most messaged woman on OkCupid in 2014. These are her photo secrets that I have lived by ever since.

A Realistic Yet Flattering Full Body Photo

Are you unsure where you stand between “curvy” and “a few extra pounds” ? Have a friend take a full body photo that shows exactly what you’re working with. A picture from your latest girls night will do. Make sure the lighting is in your favor, stand up straight, arch your back a tad, lengthen your neck, and tip your chin down. This should be a picture of just you.

A Picture That Starts Conversations

Did you go somewhere exotic for spring break? Are you a total beach bum? Do you teach a Zumba class in your spare time? Was your Halloween costume on fleek? Are you from a different country? Share your favorite photo with him that shares a little bit of you.

Show it off, girl! Take a photo that showcases one of your hobbies. The picture should be intriguing, interesting, and something different from the norm. You want this photo to share an otherwise unknown facet of yourself, while still showing what you look like. Meaning you should take up most of the frame

A Slamming Selfie Is Worth 1000 Words

Use a neutral background like a blank wall to make yourself pop! Take the time to really showcase your best self. Do your makeup, get your hair done. A lot of people don’t realize the work that goes into Sugaring. A snapchat selfie simply will not do!

Most makeup counters will do your makeup for you in exchange for a purchase. If you need to stock up on some mascara and new foundation this is your chance! You may even learn something new in the process. You don’t have to be a makeup guru, just polished like you would be for a professional headshot.

Do you have natural hair? Do you switch up your styles often with via weaves or wigs? Show what range your style has! Wear colors that are distinct on you, and hairstyles that he might catch you in on a date.

Take these steps then take your own slamming selfie. Check out a YouTube tutorial on how to use the FaceTune app. I use it to defocus the background behind me and make my eyes stand out.

A Group Pic > Any Mirror Pic

The group photo is a vastly unappreciated art. What many people seem to forget is that a good group photo tells a lot more than one may realize. A selfie is tailored and edited to showcase your best self. You are the only person to pose and a selfie only shows your good side.

Group photos are a little more honest. They show how tall and curvy you are in relation to others, and how you look out in public, not just in your bathroom. However, they can be confusing. Be sure to blur out other faces so he knows which one is you. This isn’t Where’s Waldo! Plus, I doubt your vanilla friends want their faces on your SA profile.

Brand Yourself

Sugaring, as I have mentioned before, is a ton of work. It can takes months to find a potential who wants the same things you do. The word choices in your profile can make the difference between someone who gets written off, and someone who gets written back.

Photos reel people in, but your personality makes them stay. Treat your profile like your job and it can be just as rewarding as any 9-5.

Start your sentences with phrases like:

  • I am focused on…
  • I am knowledgeable on…
  • My goal is to…
  • I have a thorough understanding of…
  • I have a passion for…

It is easy to see how these sentences surpass the mundane. A good rule of thumb to follow is to give your profile one to three paragraphs that give a relative idea of who you are. Focus your first profile on prominent character traits. Ask a friend to honestly review so you know it’s accurate.

Describe your passions. You can mention your job and how you spend your spare time. What do you do on your days off? Are you a total sucker for Law and Order marathons, or would you prefer a scenic hike? Describe an ideal afternoon for you.

Who are you looking for? Are you big on yoga or looking for a swole mate? Is being an animal lover a deal breaker for you? Don’t bring up anything you are not interested in, that can be filtered out later. Keep positivity running throughout your profile.

Location Strategy

Do you live in a big city, or are you in more of a one-horse town? Do you travel often between one or two cities for work or do you prefer staycations nearby? Naturally there are going to be more potentials in bigger areas, and less in the suburbs.

Broaden your horizons in the filters and check out the Sugar in a neighboring area. You may come to find that the Sugar you are looking for has been living an hour or two away all along. You can also add multiple locations on SeekingArrangement so you’ll show up in distant Daddies searches.

Head Turning Headings

What is something fun about yourself that you can share in 30 characters or less? Most SBs don’t use their real names as your username or heading, but everyone loves a little alliteration and wordplay. Sit down with a pencil and piece of paper and write down every adjective you can think to describe yourself. Use an online thesaurus and add a new word to your personal dictionary. Here are some examples of easy usernames and headers.  

Are you a student? Try UniversityBaby1

Do you get straight A’s? Maybe Brainy4.0

Are you a future cat lady in the making ? CatLover3

Do you love space and astronauts? NASA11

Here are a few headers using alliteration:

  • Fit & Focused
  • Petite Prosecutor
  • Sarcastic Scuba diver
  • Caring Chef
  • Weaved Wunderkind
  • Swarthy Skier
  • Olive & Organized
  • Fun and Fair
  • Bronzed & Bilingual

One Last Thing

Login everyday for max traction. When Sugar Daddies search for Sugar Babies, the results are automatically filtered by most recently logged in. If you logged in that day or are online, you’ll come up first. You also want to make sure the “Last logged in date” doesn’t become a distant memory. Many SDs will assume you will not respond if you haven’t logged in recently.


Good luck and happy Sugaring!