Building Your Sugar Baby Community

By Julia Jones

Apr 17, 2019

Being a sugar baby can be hard. Just like any other relationship there will be issues but there is also going to be something on top of it there is going to be a few other things and I think if we all pretend to deny that we’re just being ridiculous. The sugar babies I’ve talked to have admitted that they do feel that they face other pressures and that either having friends who are sugar babies or the idea of having friends who want to become sugar babies is appealing. So, let’s talk about how you can build an awesome, and supportive, sugaring community.

Reach out to your friends

Do your friends know that you are sugaring? If so, ask them if they’d be interested in getting to know more about it.

If not, tell them what you’re doing, and if they seem supportive, let them know that you’re looking to build a sugar baby community. They might know others who are either sugaring or are interested in doing it.

Reach out to people online

Is there a sugar baby Facebook group in your area? Or maybe some other website already has a group up and going. If so, that might work for you to join so you can connect with people who are in the same situations as you.

If not, it might be something you create on your own and totally customize. Then you will be able to decide if it is something you want to focus on a location near you or if you want it to reach people all across the country (or the world) or you could do both if you’d like and offer both a community for girls all around the world and for those close to you so that you’re able to host meetups.

But what about content?

That’s easy, ask questions, talk about what you’re going through, and encourage people to do the same! It’s not hard to inspire a conversation when you have a common interest and the fact is, there is so much to talk about and there are so many ways that you girls can support and help each other.

You could also start a blog where you share your insights, and you could share links to your blog in your group and links to your group in your blog- after all, it’s all about expanding the ability to find resources.

There should be more sugaring resources

There really should be but that doesn’t always mean there is. And the resources that are out there can be hard to find, which is why it is so important to have a community that not only looks out for each other but also helps each other grow, and knows what is going on in each other lives that we might not always be willing to share with our friends and family.

You could even do book clubs or anything else

That’s right. You girls could do a book club, you could take time to do classes together, you girls could order bulk products together- or whatever else you could think of that will help with your sugaring lifestyle. There are books on sugaring out there that you could read and discuss together. There are products that you could buy (clothing, purses, books, journals, etc) for cheaper in bulk, and there are even classes that you could attend together (anything from a  language class to a striptease class) that could help your sugaring lifestyle- and could just be a fun way for you girls to bond. On that topic, comes my las tip

It doesn’t just have to be about sugaring

Just because you guys are a sugar baby group doesn’t mean it has to be all about sugaring. It can also be about a safe community where you can relax and not have to worry about slipping and mentioning your sugar daddy and you don’t have to worry about how people will react if they find out about your lifestyle choices and your sugar daddy. Which, honestly, is just as important as having people that you can talk to about things like asking for more money, or where you stand on PPM’s, gifts, coaching, etc.