Class, Courtesy and Consideration

Remember all the cliche one-liners your parents used to say? Well, they were right! Here we apply those little cliches to Sugar Baby class, courtesy and consideration.

Mind Your Manners

It shows class when you go out of your way to say ‘thank you’ for all of the considerate things your Sugar Daddy does. Don’t forget the power of please! Be gracious at every opportunity and it will become you.

Wait Your Turn

Sometimes when you’re eager to share a funny story or tell your Sugar Daddy how much you missed him, it’s hard to be patient! Let him have time to talk and don’t interrupt. Be respectful of what he is saying and actively listen to what he is sharing, without just waiting for your turn to talk. He is saying it for a reason.

Dress to Impress

The most important thing you need to impress is confidence, which can be enhanced by your appearance. He’ll notice when you take the time to look nice. It shows the meeting was important enough to dress for appropriately.

For a first meeting, think about the place and time of day that you plan to meet. In most situations it works best to think about what you would wear to a job interview or a daytime wedding in your culture and area.

Use Your Time Wisely

Always be on time to your dates! If for any reason you are running late or need to cancel, contact your potential Sugar Daddy as soon as you can. Even if it means pulling the car over and texting or calling and apologizing.

Let your potential Sugar Daddy know your estimated time of arrival or change of plans. Your time is precious and once it slips by, you can never get it back. Be respectful of your potential Sugar Daddy’s time as well. That way you both respect and value the time you share.

Work Smarter Not Harder

I find scheduling Sugaring time helps beat the stress. Block that time out on your personal calendar so you always have a slot for a POT date. Whether you spend that time with a Sugar Daddy, communicating with potential Sugar Daddies

It can also be time to make yourself more polished (yoga, meditation, getting a manicure, reading a book, taking a walk, getting your hair done, etc). Reinvest your time, energy and efforts and it will pay off. What great Sugar Daddy wouldn’t want that for you?! Stay focused and ambitious and your arrangements will flourish.

Watch Your Language

Whether it’s a stubbed toe or a moment of frustration, we all swear. I can’t think of any circumstance on a date with a Sugar Daddy that he would have been happy or pleased to hear me curse.

It’s unattractive, vulgar and shows a lack of restraint, refinement and resourcefulness in finding another word to use. If for some reason you happen to let a cuss word slip in a meeting. Acknowledge it and apologize and try not to do it in the future.

When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do

If traveling with a Sugar Daddy, be sure to find out what the local customs and cultural expectations are for the area. If any of the local traditions make you uncomfortable, be sure to have an open discussion with your Sugar Daddy beforehand to avoid any awkward situations. You are a reflection of him and don’t want to inadvertently create a regrettable scene.


What little cliches do you apply to Sugar?