Crafting the Perfect Sugar Baby Profile

By BikiniBody

May 06, 2017

Crafting the perfect Sugar Baby profile is crucial in getting the most of your Sugaring experience. Read on to gain insight into putting your best foot forward and getting the most views from potential Sugar Daddies.

Choose Your Words Wisely

Every word used in your profile helps the reader learn about you. They can get a feel for your personality and figure out if there is enough chemistry to initiate a conversation. This is the first impression a POT gets of you so make it a breeze for the reader. Make the sentences sound like there is a face-to-face conversation going on. They should be able to envision you by the words you choose and the style you write in.

Sometimes writing profiles can be very one sided. Remember, this is a mutually beneficial relationship! When describing yourself and your ideal partner, step out of the crowd by being mindful of how many times the “I” pronoun is used in your descriptions. Instead, use “you” and let him imagine himself with you.

The words you choose will be remembered, so make it honest. Being deceitful in any way, shape or form will probably not yield you the best results. At first, getting to know someone online may mean leaving some things out or not telling the whole truth for your own safety. Simply explaining the situation once you get to know each other will clear it all up. But lies and alternative facts have a way of rising to the surface one way or another.

Is Your Profile Focused?

When writing your expectations for ‘Who You are Looking For’, ask yourself why your ideal partner would be on this site? What is he hoping to find? What type of woman is his ideal partner? By doing this prior to posting, you will have successfully put yourself “in your ideal partner’s shoes” and will know what to say more clearly, more effectively, and with a level of emotion that will catch his attention enough to message you.

If you end up writing a catch-all description- just hoping to have someone, just anyone message you, whether due to desperation or simply because you are unsure of what to write- your chances of reaching your ideal partner, or having your ideal partner find you will be slim to none.

Check Yourself

A Sugar site revolves around the concept of a mutual investment that is agreed upon by both parties. This is NOT the same as an expectation to have someone financially support you. (Unless this is something that is mutually agreed upon). Sugar sites are tools for finding “companions worth investing in.” If you are on any type of dating site that is NOT Sugar related, the expectations are completely different. On a Sugar site, money, time, and expectations are all subjects that are honestly, openly, and freely communicated.

Also, consider that if you have a profile on a non-Sugar site and an active profile on a Sugar site, the obvious opinion is that you do not have clear goals. Ask yourself why anyone would “invest” in spending time with you when they can simply communicate with you outside of the Sugar world.

Having clear goals for yourself is a priority for your success, not just in online dating, but in the business world as well. Consider wording your profile with phrases that add value to who you are. This wording is your first interaction. Make a lasting impression of why you are a worthy investment. Always keep in mind what value is being provided to each party.

Market Yourself

In the business world, in order to properly manage a marketing campaign of any sort, you need to have done your research on the market, know your target audience, know your competition, and most importantly know how you are a greater value than everything out in the market competing against you. If you keep this idea in mind, and detach any emotions from when you are creating your verbiage for your profile, you will already be ahead of those who have not done this type of research.

Being an emotionally mature woman of 40, I have had enough life experience to know who I am, what my career and personal goals, why I am on a Sugar site, and who I am looking for. Because the Sugar world is made up largely of much younger SBs who are yet to find out these life-long answers, take time to honestly introspect. Only when you are able to clearly answer these questions, are you then ready to put them in writing.

Express Yourself

However, this is not the end of the self-exploration. The next step is to find language that expresses your personality while being able to engage your reader enough to create a connection. Your profile will then convey all of these points in an emotion-provoking language that will prompt him to contact you. A single sentence for each section will probably not achieve your desired connection.

Sexual innuendos, sexual play in words and other types of overtly sexual material will yield a very specific type of response, especially on a dating site like SeekingArrangement. If you are looking for these types of responses, you’re on the right track. However, if you are not looking for this type of ‘connection’, then maybe writing a story of how flirty, sexy and cute you are, may be a more appropriate manner to portray your sexual side.

Bringing It All Together

Prior to posting each section of your profile, you may want to consider writing them in Word first. This will ensure poor grammar, spelling mistakes, typos, and auto corrects are not part of your profile. You may also consider having someone of the opposite sex that you trust read your profile to have an honest first time reader reaction. This will give you much needed feedback. Are you evoking the feelings that you wish to?

Be selective and patient. If your profile is bringing you opportunities to meet face-to-face, there still has to be a selection process or weeding out process prior to investing time in meeting face-to-face.

Tip: If your online account has been active for longer than 6 months to a year, cancel it and create a whole new profile. The robots rank newer profiles higher.