Dating Young Sugar Daddies: Is It Possible?

By Ava Kinsey

Dec 30, 2016

Typically, when we think of a traditional Sugar Daddy we think of an older man, a man that has  likely been divorced once or twice, is well established in his career – potentially retired, and isn’t looking for anything too serious with a younger Baby.

That was my original perception of SD’s, as well. For the most part, that’s how I would describe most of my SD’s. So I found myself growing curious as more and more young men began to message me.

Does Youth Equal Salt?

Often times established SB’s will avoid younger men because of the perception that a young man can’t provide the same gifts that an SD would. While younger men may not be able to offer the same life advice and wisdom that can only come from experience, I’ve taken to not ruling them out entirely.

There is an interesting phenomenon happening right now; more and more millennials are attaining wealth at younger ages. This comes from a boom in the tech industry, social media and entrepreneurship. What does this mean for Sugar? It means more and more young ELIGIBLE Daddies are entering the Sugar lifestyle.

To put it simply, youth doesn’t automatically mean broke. Some of the wealthiest men I’ve met, aside from billionaires, have been my age or younger.

You May Be Their First Arrangement

This could be a fantastic opportunity for you to really shape an arrangement the way you desire. This also means that you’re setting the bar for their future arrangements. Use this opportunity to help him understand how to set boundaries and to manage expectations within arrangements.

This also means you may find yourself frustrated with his inexperience. Having strong communication skills is going to be crucial. Communicate what you need, ask him to communicate what he needs, and communicate when things happen that don’t fall in line with your comfort zone.

Some young Daddies make the mistake of thinking an arrangement should mirror an escort experience. Don’t enforce that misconception. Instead, use this opportunity to reshape his expectations and understandings of an arrangement and how they work.

Learn From My Personal Experiences

I typically only date older men but I’ve had a few young SD’s as well. I’ve learned that the younger Daddies tend to be higher energy, want to be in the hottest spots with the hottest girls and want to have all of the benefits of a boyfriend without the commitment. I’ve been to the greatest clubs, have traveled with the craziest groups of people and have experienced the “model life” without ever modeling, thanks to my young SD’s.

This also means they’re likely to have shorter arrangements. They aren’t quite ready for a relationship, nor are they seeking a wife. They want the hot girl on their arm that turns heads. Manage your expectations properly.

I’ve also learned that the younger Daddies have a tendency to overstep emotional boundaries. Their emotional maturity may not be fully developed, which means they may fall for you, they may not be able to separate an arrangement from a relationship and may become controlling or jealous more easily. You’ll really need to enforce the emotional boundaries a bit more with a young SD than you would with an older SD.

My Final Thoughts?

If you’re wanting someone that can keep up with you in the club, will take you on crazy trips complete with champagne showers and DJ booths, perhaps set your eyes on a younger SD when searching through Seeking Arrangement. You’ll have the time of your life, however short lived your arrangement will be.

However, if you’re wanting something more relaxing, a mentor and perhaps a bit more stability, you’re safer pursuing an older and more experienced SD. Whichever you choose to pursue, have fun.