Dealing With the Common Misconceptions of Being a Sugar Baby

By Candy Stackz

Sep 20, 2018

Everyone thinks that being a sugar baby is a luxury lifestyle where you are constantly spoiled, but that is not always the case. Sugar babies are constantly faced with constant judgemental people who look down upon the lifestyle and have created stereotypes and misconceptions about sugar babies. This is a common issue among sugar babies. There is a popular saying that you can not really understand what someone is going through until you have walked a mile in someone else. Get comfortable! I’m about to walk you through what it is like to deal with the misconceptions of being a sugar baby.

The biggest delusion is that people believe that all sugar daddies are old. That is far from true. When people think of the general age of sugar daddies they believe them to be over sixty years old. However, if you are young and thriving you can be a sugar daddy. Generally, the sugar daddies I have had over the years have ranged from their late twenties to early fifties. I haven’t quite reached the over the hill territory yet, but as long as your pockets are fat, and you have a little extra to spend, age is nothing but a number when it comes to being a sugar daddy.

Black Twitter, social media, and memes help aid to the misconceptions of the sugar baby world. Due to social media and jokes by comedians many people that sugar daddies are only white men. Though people have their preferences of what they are attracted to race does not play a factor in the world of sugar. Sugar babies and sugar daddies come in all shapes, forms, and colors.

It is speculated that many sugar daddies are married and that sugar babies are mistresses, What I will say is that some men are single, some are divorced, and yes some are married, however, the sugar baby has the option to decline any arrangement she doesn’t feel comfortable with. This leads to the subject of discretion. The belief that sugar dating is a secretive act is partially true and partially untrue. In arrangements where you are dealing with a married man, it is important for his wife not to find out. This is an arrangement that would require extreme discretion. Another instance of where you need to be extremely discrete is when you are having relations with a high profile celebrity that values their privacy, and businessmen. On the other hand, some men like to show their sugar babies off in public, and discretion isn’t an issue.

This myth that I would love to bust is “Sugar babies are escorts. Sugar babies are prostitutes.” SUGAR BABIES ARE NOT SEX WORKERS. People automatically assume that sugar babies have sex for money. That is called prostitution. Sugar dating is based upon building a long-term relationship and fulfilling fantasies. Sugar dating isn’t always sex-based, and some arrangements are solely based on friendship and even mentorship. With sugar dating, a relation and bond are built, and sometimes intimacy does come into play once both parties are comfortable with choosing to take the next step. Also, arrangements are not a service. Girls primarily receive a stipend, gifts, an allowance in exchange for terms that both parties agree on.

Since it is clear that sugar babies are not escorts it is important to discredit that sugar babies have sex on dates. Dates could be any type of excursion. Trips to resorts, beaches, spas, bars, eateries, and even just a hotel to getaway for a while. Dates consist of getting to know each other better, having a good time, and making memories. Whether sex comes into play or not depends on the duo’s arrangement.

People are also led to believe that sugar babies are desperate damsels in distress. Sugar babies are young women who range and varies from different backgrounds. Every sugar baby has a different story and reasons as to why they are in the world of sugar. You can’t judge a book by its cover, and a lot of sugar babies are doing well for themselves, are educated, and thriving. Sugar babies are just as successful as your average career professional.

As a dancer in Atlanta, it is very common that people think that sugar daddies just hang out at the strip club. Sugar daddies are everywhere. Depending on your charm a sugar daddy could be anyone that you could see as a love interest, or someone u just have a connection with. If your conversation is good, and you are vocal about what you expect you are on the right track. So yes, sugar daddies are everywhere, but men of great wealth do frequent the strip club a lot. Obviously, websites like Seeking Arrangement helps in the pairing of sugar babies and daddies. However, be cautious with dealings online due to scammers and crazies…

Sadly, people don’t understand sugar dating but with conversations and awareness, those who shame it will see it’s just a different style of dating that is mutually beneficial and rewarding. Sugar babies are people too.