Determining Your Body Type

By Malia

Apr 14, 2017

When creating your SeekingArrangement profile, there can be a lot of confusion over which body type category you fall into. Many Sugar Babies wonder what potential Sugar Daddies perceive as an “average” body type. Below is my personal perspective on body types and things to consider when determining your body type in your profile.

National Average = Sugar Bowl Average?

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the average woman in the US stands 5’4” tall, weighs 166Ibs, has a waist measurement of 37.5” and wears a size 16. That is a 28.5 BMI (Body Mass Index). The biggest question when picking your body type on Seeking Arrangement is… would the national average also be considered average in the Sugar Bowl?

Point of Reference

When in the Sugar Bowl, expect the context to be different from walking the streets and comparing yourself to others. On a vanilla dating site, the point of reference would be the national average mentioned above. However, when it comes to Sugaring, most of us Sugar Babies consider ourselves to be above average or we wouldn’t think we have a shot at getting a Sugar Daddy. Anyone who is above average in the vanilla world would now be considered average in the Sugar Bowl.

Height and Weight Distribution

Height to weight proportion is key. You may be only 125 pounds but if you are very short, you wouldn’t be considered petite – you would fit in the “a few extra pounds” category. A good place to start is by calculating your BMI. A normal BMI is between 18.5 and 25. A woman who is 5’4” is considered average if she weighs between 108 lb. and 145 lb. Now, that’s a broad normal range, so let’s focus in on how toned you are.

Body Fat Percentage

BFP is your total body fat divided by your total weight, taking age into consideration. BFP can be measured at the gym with a caliper and monitored ongoing at home with some digital scales. Invest in one of those if you haven’t already so that you can see your progress as you work out over time.

In general, 25% to 30% fat is considered average for a woman. The BPF classification goes from essential fat (the bare minimum for a woman), athlete, fitness, average, overweight and obese. In the context of the Sugar Bowl, I’d say fitness level (or 21%-24%) fat is more like the expected average in a POT’s frame of mind.

Body Shape

Apple-shaped women carry their weight in the middle, with rounded shoulders, large breasts, wide waist and proportionally smaller legs. This body type is mostly seen as a “few extra pounds”.

Triangle-shaped women have broader and more defined shoulders and arms and not much of a curve between the waist and hips. They are perceived as “athletic/fit”.

Rectangle-shaped tend to have flat chest and/or bottoms with not many curves. If the rectangle is narrow, more like a column, she can be “slim” or “petite” and if that shape is wider, “average” or “a few extra pounds” would be appropriate.

Pear-shaped women have a smaller top and are wider at the bottom. They can be classified as “average”, “curvy”, or “a few extra pounds” depending on the variables mentioned above. Similarly, the hourglass-shaped woman with defined curves, larger breast, small waist and larger bottom could be classified as “athletic”, “curvy”, “average” or even “a few extra pounds”.

So, what did you pick for yourself?

Comment below. I’ll start. Malia is below average height and weight, has a 20.5 BMI, fitness level BFP and hourglass shape. She has chosen ‘Petite.’