Different Types of Sugar Daddies

By David Montrose

Oct 06, 2016

If you’ve been in the Sugar Bowl for a while, without a doubt you’ve come across many different types of Sugar Daddies. Some of these men will be to your liking, others just confuse you, and some you can’t believe how they acted towards you. While everyone’s experience is going to be different, I will try to summarize the types of SD’s you will likely run into on SeekingArrangement. Let me know if you run into a type not covered here, by the way.

The John

I think that everyone at some point will run into this guy. A John is a man who uses Sugar dating sites as escort services. Clearly these people are misusing the site and have ill intentions. As soon as you two begin a dialogue, he will start making lowball offers for ‘companionship’. He will also start getting sexual via text right away (asking if you have any fetishes or kinks, asking for nudes, etc.). Don’t bother responding.

The White Knight

The White Knight is a stark contrast to the John. He is likely quite a bit older and has more money than he knows what to do with. The White Knight is a type of Sugar Daddy that probably doesn’t have a wife, children or other close family members and just wants to spoil someone. He is not necessarily looking for sex, but rather enjoys being in the company of someone younger and attractive.

The Boyfriend

This type of guy is a serial dater and has signed up for every dating site out there, including SA. He is looking for a serious romantic relationship, not necessarily a Sugar one. He’s genuinely a nice guy who wants to do the right thing, but he isn’t looking for a Sugar Baby. If you are interested in commitment and a traditional relationship, he may just be the perfect guy for you. But keep in mind, there are major differences between Sugar dating and traditional, so just be sure you know what you want.

The Elitist

This type of Sugar Daddy has a very high-profile career and is well-connected within the social scene. Due to his wealth and social status, he feels untouchable and entitled. He doesn’t necessarily value or need your opinion and conversations will generally focus on him and his life. He’s very generous and over the top with gifts and allowance, but romance and sensitivity are not on his mind. This type of Sugar Daddy is good for SBs who are submissive.

The Curious One

Not to be confused with The John, this type of Sugar Daddy is new and uninformed about the lifestyle. He is probably in his mid-forties to mid-fifties and has done considerably well career-wise. He’s not terribly interested in Sugar dating but rather wants to indulge in a few flings with younger woman. He won’t stick around for too long, so don’t get attached. He will


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