What to Expect on a First Class Flight

By Colette

Dec 09, 2017

Flying first class is an experience that should be in every Sugar Baby’s bucket list—I know for sure it was at the top of mine!  I’ve been so incredibly lucky to fly first class both domestically and abroad. I want to share everything you need to know so you can be prepared for your first experience. Here is a short list on what to expect on a first class flight.

Before You Fly

Before you even leave for the airport make sure you’re dressed appropriately.  Whatever you do, please don’t arrive at the gate in sweats toting a hot pink Victoria’s Secret duffel bag!  While you don’t need to be super dressed up, looking put-together makes a world of difference in the service you receive. This is especially so if you’re flying without an Sugar Daddy.

Once you’re at the airport, feel free to check out the airline’s lounge—access is usually/should be complimentary for first class travelers, and it can be a great place to freestyle.  It’s usually pretty chill—there’s lots of seating, complimentary food and drink, restrooms and (sometimes) showers.

The Service

After you board the plane a flight attendant will offer to take your coat as you settle in and take stock of your surroundings.  The first thing you’ll notice is that the seat is bigger and has a more generous recline than any other seat in the plane.  Your actual seat will depend on how big/modern the plane is and whether it’s a domestic vs international flight. Most flights I’ve been on have the seats that go completely flat. This is a total life-saver when you’re flying long distances.  In that case, there should also be a thin quilted comforter and pillow, along with the usual amenity kit.  Some airlines will also provide noise-cancelling headphones so you can watch tv during the flight.

As soon as everyone’s settled in a flight attendant will come by and offer you a drink while you wait to take off.  Usually it’s something light, like champagne, a mimosa, or simply orange juice or water.  Sometimes they’ll make another round with snacks.


The Meals

Once you take off, the flight attendant will offer you a hot towel to wipe your hands before the meal service begins—just like what you’ll find at many high-end Asian restaurants.  Now is a good time to pull out the tray hidden in your armrest—meal service will begin soon!

Now, if you’re someone who generally doesn’t eat airplane food, I really recommend that you make an exception here. The food is, at the very least, pretty good.  Of course, what you’re served and how good it is totally varies from airline to airline, and even from departing airport to airport.  I just had the best airline meal of my life flying AirFrance from Paris to NYC. Every course was delicious!  But on the way out from NYC?  Meh.  So keep an open mind and have a snack or two handy in case you’re not a fan of what’s being served.  I’m sure the flight attendant will be happy to help.

After the first meal service, the rest of the flight tends to be pretty laid-back.  If it’s a long flight, the flight attendants may come out again to serve a second meal.  But otherwise, now’s a great time to sleep, read, or watch a movie.  

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

One last thing: as you travel, for sugar or otherwise, I really recommend that you sign up for an airline rewards program.  I personally love Delta’s program. They basically fly everywhere and partner with so many international airlines.  You’ll rack up tons of points flying first class! It’s a great idea to keep track and save them for your own getaway.

Bon voyage and happy sugaring!