First Date Necessity: Research

By Harana

May 09, 2019

Since I started living the sugar life, I had almost forgotten how it felt like starting out. That is until a sugar brother asked me for advice.


He asked where I started out (Seeking Arrangement, I told him) and what age I did (18 years old) and how I started out. As the list of my guidelines and advice for him grew longer, I realized how much experience and knowledge I had acquired from a mere year. I didn’t know this was such a lot of work, he said. Of course, it was. If sugaring was easy, everybody would be doing it. Thus, I compiled into this article the things one would need to take into consideration and read up on before going on their first ever date. Nothing wears better and prettier than a head full of knowledge and prior research.


The blog articles are there for a reason. As the words of experienced and “veteran” sugar babies immortalize themselves within a 500-700 word count, the younger ones learn from the pieces of advice embedded in them. From doing their homework, aspiring sugar babies read up the kind of arrangements there are (long-term or short-term), the types of daddies there are, and the guidelines for each kind of relationship.


Never bite off more than you can chew. Do you know how your gut is 50% right when it tells you something? Trust in those human instincts because if you feel his salt (read: potential harm and/or attitude problems) leaking out of his personality, then cross him off your list of potentials. In my experience, I’ve learned that the ones who persist on unsafe sex, meeting in a shady area, and asking for sex on the first date are the exact Daddies you should stay away from. But, not all hope is lost. The rest of the good Sugar Mommy or Daddy population are the most worldly, humorous, and colorful people you will ever meet.


Know thyself, as they say. There is a reason why some babies tick the “Discrete” option when they are asked to indicate what kind of arrangement they are looking for. Others like me who come from not so open families choose to conceal this secret lifestyle of theirs, while some do not mind too much. It is important to know what you would want in potential, the ultimate no-no’s for you, how to play up your charm, and even the date ideas you would want to try. It doesn’t hurt to be firm in what you believe in and prefer. Personality isn’t bought in a store. Consider all options (would you be okay in getting involved with married men?) and decide if you find them comfortable or uncomfortable. Knowing who you are as a sugar baby also helps in setting up your profile, and finding the Daddies most attracted to your person.


Sugar babies attain the richest and finest of luxuries, yet sometimes they fail to take note of the most important one. Unnoticed and unappreciated, this valuable treasure slips through their fingertips at a price. Your safety should always be your utmost priority. We cannot stress any further how important it is to read up on the sugaring safety precautions and to always keep a careful eye on your own protection. Skimming through one or two short texts would rarely suffice. Take advantage of the forums and internalize your fellow sugar sister’s advice. Most of all, be a “good girl” and make sure you know a lot more than assumptions before going on your first date.