Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before Sugaring

By Chelsea

Nov 12, 2015

Nose-diving into the Sugar World with delusions and great expectations will lead to an unsweet flop. Here are five questions to ask yourself before Sugaring.

What am I looking for?

There’s many things you must consider before starting your search, but the first thing you should decide is what you’re willing to do to get what you want. Will you date a local Sugar Daddy, or are you willing to travel to another city? Do you want to see someone casually or get serious? Every man is looking for something different, and it’s important that you find the right match that will fit your lifestyle.

Do I have time?

Finding a Sugar Daddy is hard work. Dating a one is even more work. From sending multiple messages online, to the anticipated “POT” dates (dates with POTENTIAL Sugar Daddies), you will soon discover that the lifestyle may be too much to add to your normal work or school flow. If you know you’re ready to work for the Sugar life, start by reaching out to the men that appeal to you most.

What do I plan to accomplish?

Men of money and influence want to help ambitious women. Goals such as getting school tuition paid off, starting a business, or even getting the car of your dreams, will inspire your game. You will be more likely to succeed at scoring a top-tier Sugar Daddy if you have a legitimate reason for them to help you financially. Talk to them about your future plans and where you’d like to be. You will earn their respect…and wallet.

What kind of Daddy is right for me?

Every man who is looking for a lady to spoil is looking for something different. The married Sugar Daddies are going to require a lot less time and emotion than a guy who is single and looking for a full time girlfriend, but there’s a lot of “in between.” If you want to get the most out of your Sugar experience, then you should try to make yourself truly happy by dating a man who fits into your lifestyle. Find someone who shares the same interests such as dining, fitness, shopping, whatever you enjoy as well.

Do I have what it takes?

Dating a successful man can be hard work. If you are going to be seen by the best, you must be the best version of yourself. Staying polished and well dressed is extremely important. It may seem overwhelming at first, but be sure to stay on top of the way you look. It will boost your self-esteem to new heights. Never underestimate yourself and let your personality shine. Once you are in the presence of people with money and influence, you will also realize that YOU deserve the best.