Flirting with a Daddy in Real Life

By Lexie

Mar 21, 2017

Unfortunately, not every Sugar Daddy is on SeekingArrangement.  Below are four things to keep in mind when flirting with a Daddy in real life.

Rags to Riches

Sugar Daddies can be found anywhere, and not all are blatantly obvious. Just because a man is dressed to the nines doesn’t mean he’s loaded and just because a man is dressed casually doesn’t mean he’s less fortunate. Your best strategy for landing a Sugar Daddy in real life is to be open and friendly to all you meet. Your personality may take you places you could only dream of. It’s important to take the time to get to know a person for who they truly are and this all starts with one simple word: hello.

Make the First Move

It can be intimidating to approach someone on your own. Yes, it may feel awkward and nerve wracking but the reward could be great. If you spot someone in a room you would like to talk to, have the confidence to go up and introduce yourself. This isn’t weird and you will not be judged for doing so. You’re simply trying to make small talk and who knows what will evolve. Remember: do not come across as being too pushy, strong, or aggressive. Keep it easy and enjoyable and remember to smile!

What’s in a Name

Conversations can go on for a while before you realize you don’t even know each other’s name. People respond more favorably when they hear their own name – it’s human nature. If you’re conversing with someone you’re particularly interested in you’ll want to say their name several times throughout the conversation. This technique builds rapport, trust, and sends a warm message. You want to be memorable and dropping their name during conversation is certainly going to make you unforgettable.

Get the Card

This is key in continuing further conversation with a person you’ve recently made a connection with. If you’re interested and want to get to know someone better, find a way to get their business card. Don’t expect him to just slide a card your way…be brave and bold and ask for it yourself. Most men carry around business cards and the confidence you exude by asking will impress rather than deter him. You can casually suggest a way to see him again if you feel a connection was made and having his card will make following up much easier.

What are your strategies for flirting with a Sugar Daddy in the real world?