Getting to Know Your Sugar Daddy

By moongirl28

Mar 14, 2017

Getting to know your sugar daddy isn’t as hard as getting to know people. It is actually easy. By following some simple steps the process of getting to know your Sugar Daddy will go smoothly.

First Get to Know Your Sugar Daddy in a Public Place

First of all,  getting to know your sugar daddy should happen in a public place such as a coffee shop or restaurant. A public location – while the safest option – automatically balances things between you. These types of locations lend themselves to conversation and the opportunity to really get to know one another and build a comfort level between the two of you. For more on preparing for your first meeting click here.

Talk About Things You Two Have In Common

We get to know each other by talking about our everyday lives, our families, goals for the future, and our expectations of any arrangement that may develop. If the subject allowance comes up, then sure, it’s ok to talk about that but securing an allowance should not be the goal of the introductory meeting. It’s important to develop a connection between the two of you. Getting to know your sugar daddy can mean going out with him during the day like to lunch or to a social event at his job, it can mean just having a drink together, having a conversation, and that it’s a way you both can have a break for everyday stress like work, school and bills.

Establish a Connection Built on Trust and Respect

A connection with your sugar daddy means – among many things – that you have someone to talk to about things and you feel safe with him. In today’s world, women have to be careful when meeting someone new and take common sense precautions. On the upside, having a sugar daddy often means the woman doesn’t have to worry about being judged or criticized for who she is with. When you’re with your Sugar Daddy you should find yourself in a situation of trust built on mutual respect.

It is very important when you are getting to know your sugar daddy that he is getting to know you as well. He may ask about school, your family and what expenses he can help you with. If he asks what he can help with, that is when you can talk about it without sounding like you’re after his wallet. There will most likely be times when he will ask if he can get something you want like new clothes, car, apartment or even help with finances. But before you talk about money of any kind, it can’t be stated enough: you both should get to know each other as individuals and make sure there is respect between you two. By establishing the respect and boundaries between you two, you can not only build on your relationship but also know your time together will be more enjoyable.

Now Enjoy the Company of Your Sugar Daddy

Over time as the trust is being built, you will get more comfortable with each other and be able to relax when you are together. The pressure is lifted and you don’t have to worry about awkwardness. It can be like you two never stop learning new things about each other. Asking him questions about his day is going, how he is doing, and other questions is normal for any relationship.

There is no limit to what you can know about a person after trust has been established.
Continue learning about each other, enjoy your times together and keep building that connection.