How To Handle Daddy When Daddy Has Another Baby

By Julia Jones

Mar 28, 2019

While some sugar relationships are best when it is just one sugar daddy and one sugar baby per relationship, some arrangements will involve the ability for someone to have more than one partner, and honestly that can be great for everyone involved if there is an arrangement that involves more than one sugar daddy or more than one sugar baby. Not only will it give someone more POTs and more chances to expand their social circle, but it also allows for you to build your sugaring community, which can give you a chance to meet more people who understand the struggles you may face. And it could help you meet more POTs and could help you honestly just meet interesting people, which I think is something that appeals to all of us.
But, like anything that may not come easy, so here are a few tips.

Be Accepting

The first thing that you need to go over with your sugar daddy is to make sure that everyone involved accepts what is going on and how it will be. Everyone involved may not be 100% sure about things before starting and that’s okay but if that is the case you guys should talk about how you will proceed if things don’t work out so that everyone is on the same page about things.

You will have to make some sacrifices when it comes to sharing your POT and you’ll have to accept that in the long run, but think of it like accepting your partner for who they are: When you’re able to accept things completely and totally you’ll be able to grow fully together.

Spend Time with Her

Spend time with your sugar daddy’s other POT and don’t be scared to get to know each other. If you two can become friends it can open many doors for you and it can allow you all to get along better- and grow together.

It doesn’t mean you two have to become best friends. If you honestly don’t match well then there is no point in forcing things, but if you’re able to get along and avoid having to avoid each other then it makes everyone’s lives so much easier and it will be healthier in the long run, and after all you should be working to build a healthy long term arrangement.

Have a Group Schedule

Keep a group schedule so that everyone is aware of what is going on and no one has to worry about a typical “game of telephone gone wrong” sort of situation. When everyone is able to be open about when they are free, when they are busy, and when they need someone; then you are all able to make time for what is truly needed and you’re able to work around what everyone needs.

Open Communication is Important

This goes with the above. Open communication towards scheduling is very important, but so is communication about everything else.

There will be some nights that someone will need more attention than the other and there will be some nights that someone might get their partner no matter what (for example, if there is an anniversary) and it’s important to lay these things out clearly so that everyone involved is in the loop. Miscommunication ruins a lot of relationships- don’t let it ruin yours.  


This is something that will be addressed on its own in the future, but it is really important to make sure that you stay aware of jealous feelings from yourself or others. Jealousy is not a joke and if it’s being used as one it is a huge red flag and needs to be addressed right away. No matter what, if there is jealousy it needs to be rooted out and dealt with so stay tuned for future tips!