How to Handle Too Many POTs

By Malia

Apr 11, 2017

Sweet Sugar Daddies , Salty Daddies , first time sugar daddies, scammers… There is so much to filter through on SeekingArrangement as soon as 2017 rang.  But what to do when you have more POT than you can handle? There is a case of too much Sugar, and you need to pace yourself. Here’s how to handle too many POTs (which stands for potential Sugar Daddy).

Go Incognito

Hide your Sugar Baby Profile
1.       Scan through messages, read and respond to the ones that seem interesting right away.
2.       Add those POT you started communicating to your favorites.
3.       Read profiles of Sugar Daddies who favorite you, but did not contact you yet. Favorite back the interesting ones.
4.       Check profiles of the latest Sugar Daddies who viewed you and favorite the ones you like.
5.       Go to your Sugar Arrangement Settings, and click on “Hidden”. This will buy you some time.
Tip: Try to do step 1 to 5 as fast as you can. When you are online on Seeking Arrangement, the messages and profiles views will keep coming fast and furious.

Breaking Through The Sugar Baby Clutter

Now that your profile is only visible to your favorites, it will prevent additional incoming potential Sugar Daddies from contacting you for a while.  Give yourself a few days to catch up on communication with these new POTs before you set your profile back to public view, if you need to do so after all.

You’ve gotten Sugar Daddies initial interest, so use your time to match your interests with your POTs. Or find how to break the barrier on the “if” and “maybe” that prevented him from writing you first. Be bold and hunt him back. Prioritize Premium and Diamond Sugar Daddy members and bring about sweetly, that he has viewed or favorite you first. Bond over something that drew your attention to his profile and suggest how you fit perfectly and don’t forget to be suggestive.

Be the Most Tempting Candy In the Bowl

Requests for dinner, drink, coffee, skype, text, phone call, can be overwhelming with too many prospects. There will be a lot of time conflict as POTs want your time. Manage your time wisely.

Stick communication to SeekingArrangement website. Only give access outside of that to a handful. Aim to focus on quality attention over copy and pasting. Represent yourself well. Fewer POTs, tailored responses and questions in a timely manner demonstrate serious interest. Prove you are not a flaky Sugar Baby as a real Sugar Daddy want to know you will show up and be there for him. His time is precious try to be available and facilitate a meeting as soon as you feel comfortable.

To cut through the crowd of Potential Sugar Babies you need to use your photographic memory. Remember every detail you know of each POT and most importantly do not get them mixed up or you will sabotage yourself. Make him feel special, warm and motivated. It’s about him, and not about you. And, a Sweet Sugar Daddy will gladly reverse the it’s about you and not me, in no time at all.

Charm Him Being Your Sweet Self

In sum, stay focused, show your value to him, tease him with a sense of what’s like spending time with you. I guarantee you that even if you were not his first choice to start with, by doing that you increased your chance to make yourself in your top list of Sugar Babies.

If he is not in this New Year’s feast of favorite POTs, unhide your profile and get more Sugar Daddies attention while their motivation is high on finding a new Sugar Baby. Wishing that boost of new Sugar Daddy interest is not like gym membership. May the Sugar Daddies muscle and stamina be strong year round, and have all of us in profile hidden mode for long.