Handling Your First Sugar Date

By Candice

Sep 25, 2015

Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Prada. Just a few labels that myself and fellow Sugar Babies love to be seen wearing. Being a sugar baby definitely has it’s perks. Here are a few of tips from my personal experiences.

Designer Goods

It’s no secret, Sugar Babies love designer things. You’ll want to let desires for brand names fall into place over the course of an arrangement. When meeting a potential Sugar Daddy for the first time, don’t bring up your love for Louboutins or ask if he’s willing to go shopping after lunch. This tends to take focus away from your date, and he could feel you’re not trying to get to know him and foster something long term. I’ve found it’s best to let him surprise you and treat you then to ask for things as soon as you meet.

You still want to communicate your wants and preferences to your Sugar Daddy. It’s important to be on the same page, but sometimes this may take some getting to know each other before discussing the specifics of what you want from the arrangement. Remember that the details of things like allowance money, gifts, shopping trips, vacation destinations, etc. can always be worked out in the future.

Assessing the Daddy

When meeting a sugar daddy for the first time, try and ask yourself if this person is someone you’d be comfortable being seen in public with, going on vacations with, and generally spending time with. Ask yourself some questions to see where you stand, such as: Were your personalities compatible? Did you have a lot in common? Was it easy to hold a conversation, or were there awkward silences? These questions will help you realize if he’s the SD for you. There’s no forcing chemistry, so it’s best to figure that out right away before delving deeper.

Sparkling Conversation

Making conversation is a crucial part of any arrangement. Most Sugar Daddies appreciate a woman that can hold an intellectual dialogue. If you really want to impress him, it’s best to have a general understanding of current events or maybe what he does for work so not only can you avoid those awkward silences over wine, but you can be an active listener in the conversation and impress him by knowing your stuff.

Remember, there are a lot of pretty faces out there, but being a Sugar Baby and getting those fabulous Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada bags takes more than perfect hair and makeup. Sugar Daddies want a woman who is goal-oriented. They want a woman they can take out to events. Someone intelligent, put-together, and a great conversationalist.

Look the Part

This leads me to my third and final tip which is to be confident and look the part! Treat meeting a Sugar Daddy as you would any other date or even an interview, and always put your best self forward. First impressions are key, and that means your look should be well done and you should dress to impress, without going overboard.

If you know what he likes, try and cater to his taste, while still being yourself. If you’re not sure what his preferences are, simply find an outfit that makes you feel comfortable. Keep in mind where you’re meeting. There’s no need to go full-on smokey eye and heels for just coffee or a casual lunch!

To wrap up my four main tips for your first sugar date: don’t bring up your luxury loves right away, ask yourself the tough questions, be able to hold a conversation, and always look your best.

Most importantly: remember to relax, have fun, and be yourself! Even if this first date doesn’t amount to a long-term arrangement, you’ve still had a chance to practice your Sugar skills!

Best of luck,