How to Meet Sugar Daddies via URL and IRL

By JadeSeashell

Apr 11, 2019

Having access to rich men is the prerequisite of living a sugar lifestyle. But do you know how to meet sugar daddies and attract them? Basically, there are only two ways to get a sugar daddy – you either meet him on a sugar daddy dating website (URL) or in real life (IRL).

URL: Has the Biggest Database

In order to find quality, quantity matters! If you only choose one out of one option, chances are that’s a bad choice. However, if you live in abundance and have many options, then you can choose the best sugar daddy amongst many rich guys. The easiest way to create abundance for yourself is to join because this sugar daddy dating site has the largest number of sugar daddies for you to meet and choose. According to Brandon Wade, sometimes has more than 10,000 new members per day and about 25% of these members are sugar daddies looking for sugar babies. That means you can maximize your chance to find a legitimate sugar daddy on this sugar daddy site.

URL: Create an Attractive Dating Profile

Your dating profile is the first thing that a potential sugar daddy will look at on when he is trying to know you. That’s why having a great dating profile is paramount! In your profile, make sure you have at least two photos: one photo shows what you look like in a glamorous evening dress so that the potential sugar daddy can see how you can make him look good when he takes you to a fancy dinner party; the other photo shows what your figure looks like – you’d better wear a bodycon dress in this photo. Of course, you would be well-advised to contact the lifestyle coaching team from so that they can help you to write a better dating profile on a sugar daddy website. In this way, you will definitely stand out from the crowd immediately and get the results you want fast.

IRL: Go to Networking Events and Business Conferences

If you’d like to work on your career, you can attend some networking events and business conferences where rich men go to. Most women aren’t particularly interested in these events because they think reading Vogue at home or hanging out with their female friends is more interesting. But that’s exactly what you should do – you won’t have too many competitors when you attend a business conference dominated by men. If you can’t afford to attend a high-quality business conference, you may become a volunteer at the conference so that you are still involved in this event. Then you will meet wealthy men easily – since you work for the organizer of this business conference, it’s your duty to talk to these millionaire men! That’s the perfect way to make approaching rich guys natural and inevitable!

IRL: Become Rich Women’s Friend

Now I’d like you to be more creative: In order to meet sugar daddies, you don’t necessarily have to focus on men who are 100% eligible. Actually, you may expand your social circle by meeting successful people in general, including rich women. For instance, you can join Business Chicks (a networking organization for businesswomen) and meet rich women there. As women always want to help other women in the same community, it’s very easy to become rich women’s friend once you are there. Usually, rich women have rich male friends, so gradually, you will meet their high-profile friends who are eligible sugar daddies (or can be converted into eligible sugar daddies). Remember: Your network is your net worth.