How To Provide For Your Sugar Baby Without Giving Money

By Julia Jones

May 02, 2019

Sometimes, either the sugar baby or the sugar daddy will have something against the idea of giving or being given money; in which case it can be hard to figure out the best course of action. But the truth is, there are a lot of options for you both to consider that could benefit both of you while making sure you are both happy with the outcome.

The one major benefit to this type of arrangement

The major benefit to this type of arrangement is that you can work with it. Instead of the arrangement being focused on housing, this can go to school books, a trip planned with family, vet bills, or whatever else may pop up. If nothing pops up that needs to be taken care of, the arrangement can be focused on something fun for a couple of weeks or months.

And unlike a set weekly/monthly allowance, there is no price limit or cap on this type of arrangement which means that if the sugar baby needs a few grand one month because things have been rough, that is okay but there will also be some months when nothing is needed and daddy can spoil them but still focus on staying on a healthy budget.

It’s not about the money

Some sugar daddies won’t be into the idea of giving money; instead, they will want to make sure their money is being used in a way they believe is good. By a daddy helping his baby provide, this ensures he can rest easy knowing his baby won’t waste the money and will still be taken care of.


Rent is a great option when it comes to asking daddy for help without asking for money. And it’s a great way for daddy to help take care of his baby without giving her money.

Car payment

While you can get away with not having a car in most cities; there is no doubt that having one is a huge help but we all know that car payments can be a lot. A daddy can help take care of his baby by making sure she can drive wherever she needs to, and in the winter months, I’m sure the last thing a sugar daddy wants to think about his babysitting in the cold waiting for a bus.


Everything from clothing to food- daddy can make sure you’re covered with your needs. And daddy will see just what all the money is going to.


Travel is never a bad option, in my opinion! Daddy can help you cover travel for yourself (or with family and friends) or he can take you traveling in his free time. Whatever works best for both of you. Travel is about learning and learning from life, but that’s not the only benefit to it; of course. But speaking of learning…


Either long term classes like helping cover post-secondary school or offering to pay for short term courses that will be done quickly and help you level up yourself and your skills; classes are a great way for daddy to help provide for you and help you grow even more so that not only will you be able to take care of yourself, you will be able to help others grow as well.

Items for the two of you

Instead of giving you money or gifts, daddy can offer to provide you both with items. Trips, dates, classes together, or anything in between, when daddy provides for the two of you together not only does he spoil his sugar baby but he also feels good about what he’s investing his money into.