How to Say NO

By Malia

Jun 19, 2017

Saying “No” is a necessary skill to not be walked all over by a Sugar Daddy, or anyone for that matter. Say no as different circumstances arise so that you do not regret your silence or agreement afterwards. Whether you say no nicely and firmly, or abruptly and demanding, no always means no. This may not come naturally to some. Let’s go through some things to keep in mind as you consider how to say no in various situations.

Develop Assertive Manners

No can be a tricky word to say especially if you are agreeable in nature. But saying no does not have to be confrontational. Become aware of how people around you say no effectively to each other. If you listen attentively you’ll notice it happens frequently and it is no big deal. Keep that in mind when it’s your turn to say no. If you are empathetic and kind about it, a reasonable SD won’t get furious with you. Saying no gets easier with repetition so practice in front of a mirror with varied expressions and tones until you get a little more comfortable.

Don’t Say Yes When You Mean No

When an SD or POT asks for something and you feel that if you say no you are damaging your chances with him, you may be tempted to say yes. Just because Sugar Babies outnumber Sugar Daddies, it doesn’t mean you have to succumb to every single thing he wants. If you make it an absolute policy to adhere to your personal values, saying no becomes an automatic response. Additionally, if you clearly tie your no to a “rule” you live by consistently, it is less likely he will take it as a personal rejection. Telling the reason behind your answer and explaining that it is part of your value system is much better than shouting Hell No!

Buy Time if You Can’t Say No in Person

Getting off the hook while in face to face meeting is a good way to postpone a no. For instance, when a POT asks to see you again after a Meet and Greet but you’re not interested, say in a pleasant and assured tone, “I’ll let you know tomorrow. I’ll check my calendar and get back to you.” Later you can text him, “Thanks for the drink and nice time, but I am looking for something else. Good luck!”

When He Doesn’t Take No for an Answer

Pushy SDs can nag, manipulate, or make his request feel like a special once-in-a-lifetime offer just to tempt you. You have to stick to your no first. Then, second, repeat yourself like a broken record until you get him off your back and block him from your life. During the persistence period, continue repeating the first thing.

In short, do not respond to any new bargaining angles or dangling carrot he places in front of you. Patience in repeating yourself can be exhausting for an SD trying to change your mind.

Be Prepared for Rudeness

Sometimes, despite your best effort and intention, once you say no, he may become very mean. Some men messaging you on SA may call you obscene names, write how right they are because they have money and you don’t, tell how disappointed they are of you and so on. It’s not worth engaging in arguments with those types. Block them, report inappropriate content, and maintain class. Rejecting those types only reassure the great choice that you’ve made to stay away.

Just Say No

Say no to anything that doesn’t fit you, or that you are not ready for. It feels so good to state your values and stay true to who you are. Only you know what you want and how you want to get there, on your own sweet Sugar Baby terms.