In Defense of Sugar

By Avianna

Aug 18, 2017

The sugar world is constantly under scrutiny. Negative assumptions and beliefs condemn the Sugar world. But the Sugar Bowl is actually sweet, not sour.


It is widely believed that Sugar Babies are exploited and are completely uninterested in their Sugar Daddies. This is rarely the case. From my experience in talking to other Sugar Babies, many of them really like their Sugar Daddies. We’ve messaged online and spoke via video calls. What’s interesting is that I feel like I want to meet him more than he wants to meet me. Which is odd, because I didn’t think I would ever experience this with a Sugar Daddy.

This completely falsifies the notion that it is the Sugar Daddies who are always more interested and the Sugar Babies have to play a game. In my case I am just as interested, if not more. Before entering the Sugar Bowl, I thought, like many, that sugar babies could never fall in love. Nor did I think they  liked their Sugar Daddies. I suppose this is because we are led to believe that a Sugar relationship is shallow and superficial. After having gotten to know my Sugar Daddy really well. I feel like we have already met in person, but we haven’t.
I’ve become enthralled by this work, his accent,and his personality.  He has become enthralled in mine. In many ways this is like regular dating. I am completely invested and interested. I thought I would have to pretend to be but I suppose when you meet the right Sugar Daddy you won’t have to pretend a thing.

Another misconception is that Sugar Daddies are too busy and don’t communicate well. I haven’t experienced this. My Sugar Daddy loves messaging back and forth and always replies with minutes or an hour. He asks how my day has been and what I am doing at the weekend. He is interested in my life.

Exploited or Empowered?

Not true! No one in the Sugar world is exploited. The whole Sugar dating format is to discuss what both people want. Each party has the ability to end the arrangement. Additionally, we need to note that to view the Sugar world through a heteronormative lens is to view it in a limited manner. There are many Sugar Mommies and gay Sugar Daddies . Babies come in all shades, orientations, and genders. It is not just Sugar Daddies and female Sugar Babies.


Lastly, Sugar Babies are adults and the arrangements are consensual and informed. In society, we like to brand girls as sluts or whores. But women are entitled to be sexually liberated and liberated from any negative opinions about them.