Key Factors for Newbie Sugar Babies

By Lexie

Jan 28, 2017

Are you a Sugar Baby dipping into the Bowl for the first time? The journey is about to be sweet! Hopefully you understand the importance of first impressions and manners, but I have a few other key factors for newbie Sugar Babies to be aware of. Attracting the ideal Sugar Daddy starts with showing off your assets in the right way!

Your Profile is an Online First Impression

With online dating, creating the ideal presence can be tricky. You are capable of letting your Sugar shine through your profile. What you convey in your pictures will hook him, and what you spell out with words will draw him in.

Do your best to paint a descriptive picture of who you are as a person and the value you bring to a relationship. Write something to help you stand out. It’s good to be creative and specific. Make sure your online persona matches who you are in person or you’ll find yourself with a personality crisis.

Keep your profile concise and to the point. If you have specific qualities and characteristics you are looking for in a potential Daddy include this in the “What I’m Looking for” section. Make sure to keep the information in your “About me” and “What I’m Looking for” organized correctly.

Put what you’ve learned in that college writing course to use! Try not to make it too long, and don’t use too many adjectives. SHOW him, don’t TELL him. For example, rather than saying you like to travel mention your next desired destination. Be clear about your goals and motives, but avoid language that can make you seem entitled or unappreciative.

Mind Your Messages

Browsing the site can be a chore, but taking the time to look through profiles is the main way you’ll find a potential SD. Once you’ve found someone you’re interested in, go ahead and send a message. In Sugar, men appreciate when women have the confidence to send the first message. You can be coy by clicking the favorite heart on his profile, but a sincere message is better.

Keep in mind potential Daddies receive a lot of messages. Some even claim to receive hundreds daily. There are a lot of Sugar Babies vying for the attention of one Daddy. Make your message personable to show you actually read his profile. Otherwise you may be considered just another Baby who does the typical cut, paste and send approach.

If you are determined to be the Sugar Baby for him, your effort to display good manners will be advantageous. A well written message paired with a fantastic profile picture increases your chances of actually meeting a Daddy in person.

Show Him Your Sweet Side

Once you’ve met in person, it’s your chance to show Daddy how incredible you will be for him. This doesn’t necessarily mean showing off your bedtime skills after he’s wined and dined you. Be yourself and having something meaningful to say rather than being intimate right away.

Keep the conversation light and easy and enjoy each other’s company. Naturally you’ll feel a tendency to rush to conclusions and hit the sack, but it’s best to take it slow. A genuine Daddy isn’t going to ghost you for not putting out on date one. If anything he’ll be more eager and excited to make plans for date number two.

A lot of newbies in the bowl feel the need to rush and aren’t sure when to have sex with a Sugar Daddy. Remember these are middle-aged men. They have patience, especially for something that will bring joy to their lives. If you’re looking for someone who can be a constant in your life, waiting will pay off.

Give him reasons to smile. Show him why he should be with you for reasons other than sex. Be affectionate and complement him. Let him know how much you admire him, and encourage him when he’s going through stressful times. Your confidence will play a big factor in this. He wants to see that you appreciate him for who he is as a person and not solely his materialistic means.
Sugaring can be the sweetest thing, but you must stay grounded in reality and not fall into the Sugar fantasy trap. Keep a calm and cool presence and let things unfold naturally. You may find a Daddy when you least expect it! Now you have a couple tips to keep you in check for when the Sugar does start flowing.