Leisure Travel with a Sugar Daddy

By Mina Cigar

Dec 24, 2016

It’s finally happening ― your Sugar Daddy is taking you on vacation! This is an awesome opportunity and there are a few easy things you can do to make him want to take you along again and again. v

Do Your Homework

Researching the area is a must before departing on your trip. A little preparation will go a long way in allowing your SD to relax. Without having to make decisions, he can concentrate on enjoying leisure time with you. Remember, a happy SD is much more likely to spoil and keep you in comfort.

It is good to have an idea of the geographical location of where you are staying beforehand and some ideas of what to do when you arrive. A good SB will be prepared with ideas of things to do in the area such as attractions, dining options and how to make all of these things happen.

Appy Baby, Happy Daddy

Transportation Apps like Uber, Lyft, and Google Maps are essential to download before your departure date. Make sure to create an account and have your card linked. That way when you arrive at the airport and he says, “We need a taxi,” your response can be “Oh, I called an Uber, you can pay me back later.”

Remember to have confidence in making decisions for the both of you in situations such as this. It’s okay to take the lead when you know it will ease up the stress on your SD. He likely has some phone calls or emails to take care of once you return to wifi, so it will be a welcome takeover.

Picking the best restaurant is made easy with apps like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and UrbanSpoon. Have a few places in mind and present your SD with a few narrowed down options so he can make a final decision. Throwing in a surprise option never hurts, to show you remember details about him and his preferences.

Example: his favorite sports team is playing on a certain day and you know he would like to watch the game. Look for a good/upscale sports bar in advance so you don’t end up at SMO JOE’s bar and grill for 3 hours eating stale bar nuts.

Attraction apps like TripAdvisor, Event Calendar are great for most areas. It’s good to have a few ideas of events going on during your visit. Again, presenting him with a few readily researched options will allow you both to enjoy your time together without having to spend time researching things to do.

Keep in mind his preferences here. If he enjoys wine, look for wine tastings. If he likes physical activity, look into some outdoor attractions, parks or hiking trails nearby.

Packing Pressure

No one really likes to pack, so offer to help him pack his bag. When you arrive at the hotel, offer to hang his clothes. I suggest calling the hotel before you arrive and ask for extra hangers and bathrobes to be placed in the room in advance.

If he likes champagne, surprise and delight your SD upon arrival at the hotel. If your flight departs late in the afternoon or evening, arrange with reception in advance for a late check out.

Making a vacation playlist is also a fun way to prepare for your trip. Bring a portable speaker and play him a your musical stylings when you get to the room. Music is a powerful way to transition you SD from work mode to vacay mode.

Care Package

Commercial air travel isn’t the most comfortable way to get to your vacation destination, but for the majority of us, it’s an accepted truth. The day before you depart, make a comfort travel kit for both of you. Many of these things are offered in first class, but if you are flying coach it will be a lifesaver. Give him your bag of tricks once you board the plane.

Include things like socks, eye masks, small blankets, Chapstick, breath mints, ear plugs, his favorite snacks, and perhaps a sandwich if it’s a longer flight. If your SD drinks alcohol, mini bottles of liquor ARE allowed by TSA through security (this is in their written policy) as long as they are under 3 ounces.

Keep in mind airline regulations do not allow you to consume your own alcohol onboard the plane. However, if you have a layover and you get a coffee, presenting him with a mini bottle of Baileys is sure to make him smile.

You may be asking, shouldn’t my SD be spoiling me with all of these things? In my opinion the answer is yes. Spoiling should be a two way street. If both of you are spoiling each other then both of you feel appreciated.
So THAT’S why they call it mutually beneficial! He has his ways of showing his appreciation, and you need to have yours. Sugaring is a decision made by two consenting adults and can easily be a win win for everyone. Happy spoiling!