Major Keys for Sugar Dating

By Lexie

Oct 29, 2016

He describes himself as attractive, fit, calm and a true renaissance man. You’re reading his profile bio and even though he doesn’t have a picture you can already see yourself with him. After all, he’s ultra refined, sophisticated, well traveled, and rich. Even more so, he’s background verified.

You’re looking forward to the potential of having a romantic first date and feel he could be the ideal Daddy for you. He is just shy of a couple decades your senior. Never mind the age difference, age is just a number right? So walk with me along the path to Sugar success, and consider these major keys for Sugar dating.

Major Key: Maturity

No matter your age, you’re ready and eager to find a Sugar Daddy. Perhaps you’re a freshman in university and the first semester’s tuition bill has come. Assess the pros and cons of pursuing Sugar. It can be tempting to jump right in, with the promise of paid bills, lavish shopping sprees, relaxing spa days, and pampering, but this takes time and maturity.

These relationships are nothing like your high school and college romance. You must understand that Sugar Daddy motives are different, and you need to make sure his are genuine before continuing an arrangement. Which takes time, trial and error, and reading a lot of blogs on Let’s Talk Sugar.  

This may not happen instantaneously, but it is possible. There are women who have everything taken care of, and there’s no shame wanting that, too. Now you need to put in the time to find someone who can easily whisk you away for a holiday and take care of you financially. It takes trial and error, and you may feel like they don’t want you to Sugar. Sugar on, through any salt that comes your way. 

Sugar is about adding value to one another’s lives. You must have goals that he can help you achieve. If the lavish lifestyle is all you’re after, take an honest assessment of what you are getting into. The same way you’re more than a pretty face, he’s are more than a bank account. Be mature enough to respect that dynamic and bring something to the table. 

Major Key: Stability

Be mentally prepared for what is to come. If you’re having a crisis and think a man with power and money will take care of your problems, think again. Sugar can be wonderful but it’s not all glitz and glamour.

Finding the ideal Sugar Daddy will take time. If you’re in a dire situation, do not make that obvious. Real Daddies are deterred by desperation, but scammers will use it to their advantage. You’re best off coming across as confident, while being clear about your needs.

Show him how you’ll add value to his life to garner his interest. Impress him with your radiance. Don’t expect everything to be given to you straight away. Build rapport and trust to create the mutually beneficial relationship to fit your needs.

Don’t play yourself. Play the long game to his heart before taking a shortcut to his wallet. Real Sugar takes dedication, and it pays off. Rather than a petty allowance, he’ll be getting you a Porsche and an Amex because he truly cares about you. Make him truly care.

Majoy Key: Banishing Insecurities

If you have insecurities, use Sugar to build up confidence and then let them go. Replace negative emotions with positive affirmations. If you want to attract a man of a certain caliber, don’t let his prowess or status intimidate you. Act as if you fit in, even if you may be far from his level.

Men in power are just people. He has a demanding and ever changing schedule, which is why he’s seeking an arrangement. You need to be the type of woman he’d want to date, without the confines and expectations of traditional courtship.

Come across as shy, insecure, and unsure and you add stress to his already stressful life. Show him you are capable of holding your own, and he will appreciate your value and maturity.

Major Key: Building Rapport

Overtly flaunting yourself from the start will not win him over. Come on too strong and you may scare him away. He is a busy man, but if he’s genuinely interested he’ll stick around. Even if you don’t put out right away. If he wants to see you, he will, so make it easy for him.

If you want to build rapport, do so with wit and charm and confidence. Be yourself and let your interests and hobbies be known. If you don’t have interests and hobbies, get some so he can spoil you with things you enjoy.

Draw him in and show him why you’ll be an asset to his life. Are you a great listener? Funny and charismatic? Sexually charged? If you’re worried he’ll disappear if you don’t put out, take a step back and realize your worth. That may not be the right arrangement for you.

Captivate him with your fresh spirit, and show him positivity over time. Be present, honest, and straightforward, but never make him feel unappreciated. It’s all about finding the balance, and filling the void in his life that he came on SeekingArrangement to alleviate.