Making the Most of Your Wishlist

By Julia Jones

Feb 28, 2019

Now is the perfect time to talk about how to make the most of the wishlist on your profile. Chances are, you’ve been on there before and you’ve added a few things onto it; but have you ever really put much thought into what you’re adding or are they just things you think would be fun? Most times, when I talk to a sugar baby and we discuss their wishlist, they admit that they haven’t put much thought into it. More often than not they say something along the lines of: “Well…I just put whatever I want at that given time.”

The thing about wishlists is that they can be a great insight into who you are as a person, not just the stuff you like. Use the following tips to ensure your wishlist shows a POT what you’re all about.

Use Your Wishlist to Show Your Style

Start by adding some style to your wish list. There is nothing wrong with showing off what kind of clothes you like and what you want to add to your closet. Be sure to give a POT a sense of your style not just by showing your pictures but also by the clothes you’d like to have- which works great if you don’t want to have too many pictures.

Use Your Wishlist To Show Your Sexy Side

Let a POT see a little bit of your naughty side (without letting him see you) and add some sexy clothes or lingerie to your wishlist. If there is anything else you’d like to have for bedroom time, add it to your wishlist as well. Wanna be tied up? Add handcuffs. Wanna try adding a new toy? Find it and add it. Let a POT know what he can buy you to add an extra spark to your life.

Use Your Wishlist to Show Your Travel Goals

Most of us want to travel, right? So, show that side of you with some of your goals. Add some travel books or travel products to your wishlist and let a POT know where he should be planning your next trip to!

Use Your Wishlist to Show Your Maturity

Don’t just use your wishlist for stuff you want or stuff that is pretty. Put some practical stuff on there as well. Show a POT that you’re not just looking to expand your collection of shoes; you also want to invest in some good cookware or add value to your house by redoing the flooring.

Use Your Wishlist to Show Your Financial Goals

Please, ladies everywhere, listen to this. When I talk to potential sugar daddies one of the biggest things they express to me is the fear that a girl isn’t going to care about money. She’s just going to want it when she wants it and she’s going to spend without thinking.

Show a POT that this is not the case with you. Show him outright that you have your own financial goals, that you know how to budget, and that you plan on building your own bank account and your own assets- not just spending all his money without batting an eyelash.

Use Your Wishlist to Show Your Hobbies

This is a pretty simple one, right? Use your wishlist to give your POT an idea for who you are and what you like to do in your spare time. You never know, that book on writing he sees on your wishlist might just be the thing that connects the two of you.