New to Sugar?

By Egan

Sep 12, 2017

Being new to Sugar is exciting and fun. But it can be overwhelming and confusing.  Remembering these two things will help simplify the transition.

There is No “Perfect” Sugar Baby

When I first got into the Sugar Bowl I didn’t know anyone in it. There wasn’t much information online either.  It was a mystery I was curious to explore.  The only thing I’d really seen about it was the typical Hugh Hefner version of Sugar.  

It was intimidating…I was nothing like the ‘bunnies’.  I didn’t know how I could ever fit into what I saw as the ‘mold’ of a Sugar Baby.  On top of not looking anything like what I thought I was supposed to look like my personality was so different.  I’m not bubbly all the time. I don’t like shopping and I take care myself. But I am not the type of girl to get all dolled up.


Off to an Awkward Start

Initially I tried to conform to what I thought a Sugar Baby should be.  This is where luck kicked in.  My first date was amazing and the man ended up being my first Sugar Daddy.  After about a month of dates with him I was getting tired of wearing dresses, slipping into heels that made walking painful and doing such intense make-up.  I was running behind and did my make-up more how I normally do it, I was wearing cute flats instead of heels and didn’t have time to change into a dress.


Easing into the Swing of Things

To my surprise my Sugar Daddy complimented my more natural look.  He said it made him more comfortable; me all dolled up made both of us feel a bit more stuffy!  

It was an important lesson in Sugar for me: to put MY best foot forward.  I started bringing more of my personality into the arrangement as well.  When he offered to buy me expensive sunglasses I rejected them (politely) and asked instead for a piece of outdoor gear I’d been eyeing.  He appreciated I wasn’t just trying to spend his money on anything and everything. I appreciated his generosity and being willing to be generous with something I actually needed.  
Definitely put effort in and make sure you are presenting the best version of yourself. You want a Sugar Daddy who likes you and not some act you are putting on.   

Arrangements are Not Transactions

If the real Sugar Daddy’s just wanted sex there’s cheaper, easier ways to get it.  If a Sugar Baby just wants money they’re not actually looking to be a part of Sugar.  Sugar relationships mean finding an arrangement that you both look forward to. Both parties benefit in various ways. You should genuinely want to see the person not just the benefits.  

It was a point of confusion when I first came into the Sugar Bowl. The balance of the benefits vs the benefactor.  I was blinded but the potential benefits.  That’s why nothing physical should happen on a first date and money should not come up. It’s not a transaction, you’re trying to get to know the person.


Wise Words to Remember

Sugar is sweet and built on Sugar Daddies wanting to be generous and Sugar Babies wanting to make the other persons life better in some way, and both people wanting to see each other.

Happy Sugaring!