Profile Personality

By Egan

Apr 01, 2016

Maybe you’re new to the Sugar Bowl or maybe you’re just not getting the amount or quality of messages you’d like to be receiving. Never fear, almost every profile can be improved. It all depends who your target is and what kind of arrangement you are looking for. Here are some tips for letting your profile personality shine.


First of all figure out what exactly you are looking for in an arrangement. Figure out your boundaries and what you would prefer. Are you looking for a monthly allowance or do you just want to be pampered and have new luxurious experiences? Are you looking for a single Daddy or is a married Daddy ok with you? Do you want more of a physical arrangement or more of a mentorship? Figuring out for yourself what you are looking for will make it easier for you to tailor your profile toward that kind of Sugar Daddy.  


Being a Sugar Baby gives you plenty of opportunities to explore yourself but you also need to know your limits and be honest about them.  It also gives you a chance to be someone else, just make sure that personality is a person that still is true to yourself.  Maybe you want to travel more and see the world but your normal persona isn’t that adventurous; go ahead and bring your wanderlust front and center.  

Maybe you want to explore sexually with experienced men, include a flirty line about how playful you are. Maybe you want a mentor in a field your interested in there’s no shame in putting in a line about learning from their valuable experience…these people are successful for a reason and most of them want to share their knowledge.

You can be whoever you want to in the Sugar Bowl but make sure that it still rings true with your core.  If you’re not being true to yourself personality-wise or with what kind of arrangement you’re getting into it will tire you out and maybe even build resentment.  Sugar can be incredibly sweet if you are genuine in what you want and need.


Write a list of your strengths and weaknesses, 5 of each. Then look very critically at the list and next to each strength write how it could be seen as a negative and next to each weakness write how it could be seen as a positive. For example: as a strength you put outgoing, look how it could be negative so maybe it could be seen as obnoxious.  Maybe as a weakness you put you’re a neat freak, maybe it could be seen as organized.  

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and also knowing how they could be perceived will make it much easier to present yourself in the best light. Highlight the things you really want focused on but don’t spend the entire profile talking about you.


It’s easy to focus on what you want out of an arrangement but make sure to talk about what you are going to do for him. Are you an amazing chef and want to make him the best home cooked meal he’s ever had? Do you enjoy adventuring to new places and would love to share conversation over dinner in a new city? Are you the type of person who would love to snuggle up to him with a glass of wine? Do you enjoy dressing up to make their eyes pop with appreciation?  

Whatever it is that you will bring to the table to make the arrangement just as enjoyable for him as it is for you needs to be the main point in your profile! Your POT is a lot more likely to invest in you if they know you care about their wants and needs as well.


If you are looking for a classy, mature SD keep your pictures classy. If your profile says you want a arrangement based on respect and luxurious experiences but your pictures depict you as just a sex kitten the quality of daddy coming to your profile is going to be ones looking more for short term. Have attractive but classy photos and photos that showcase your personality. 

I wouldn’t include any scandalous photos in your public profile. If you like nature, include a couple attractive photos in scenic locations. If you like the finer things maybe an artistic photo sipping wine at a vineyard. Be creative and showcase yourself, if you want a more revealing photo keep it in your private section. That way you can weed out some of the salt Daddies who only care about the physical aspects of an arrangement and not about you as a whole.


Sometimes you find that perfect arrangement and other times it takes months. Keep your cool, present yourself in a honest and positive light, screen out the ones with different goals and be patient. Good things sometimes take more time than you’d like but when that perfect arrangement comes around you’ll be happy you didn’t drop your standards.