How To Make Your Dating Profile Pop

By BikiniBody

May 31, 2019

Your profile only has SECONDS to be chosen by a potential match. This is the reality of living in the digital age of online dating. In this article, I will share my best tips for a winning profile that are sure to have you noticed. There are 3 sections that I will talk about in this article: your pictures, your “about me” section and the “description of what you’re looking for.” Ready? Let’s get started!

Your Profile Pictures

You may consider hiring a professional photographer for a photo shoot. You want to stand out from the crowd on the site. In order to do so, your pictures must be competitive in order to attract the attention that you are looking for, from your profile. While cute selfies are beautiful, there’s a place and time for everything. The first few seconds that will decide whether or not someone clicks on your profile, are better left to a professional.

Prior to setting up a photo shoot session, write down what your goals are for your profile. Will you be portraying yourself as a classy, upscale or long term potential companion? Will you be portraying yourself as a fun, casual and no strings attached type of companion? Will you be wanting to cast a wider net, and not have a focus at all? Asking yourself these questions, prior to setting up a photo shoot will help you pick out your clothing, your setting and deciding on your makeup and hair. Super glam makeup versus all natural, girl next door is two very different looks, which require very different planning.

If you do not have the funds for a high-end photographer, simply search for “photography schools near me.” Approach the school and let them know that you’re looking to model, free of charge, in exchange for professional quality pictures. Some photography students are willing to trade their photography services for model services, for them to practice. Caution must be used by those new to this type of barter. If you choose to pose in compromising poses, in limited clothing, no clothing, etc, remember that the photographer OWNS the image, you do not.

Before you set a date for your photo shoot, look at magazines and pick your favorite poses. Practice them in the mirror until you feel confident that you can repeat the poses without the mirror. Don’t forget to also practice your facial expressions. When you feel ready, make that appointment and have a blast at your shoot! Choosing pictures which clearly show your smile, your facial features and how you pose will ultimately determine whether or not someone even decides to read what you wrote. No one will read your profile if your pictures are not spot-on.

Now that you are equipped with the most amazing professional pictures that you created after much planning and goal setting, you are ready to start brainstorming on your profile wording.

Your “About me” section

The way in which you describe yourself will either make an emotional connection with a potential match or you will miss the opportunity. Keep in mind that more messages aren’t always what you want. You want messages from the type of men that YOU are looking for. The “about me” section is where you can begin your VETTING process, you can let your personality shine and you can establish your boundaries of what type of companionship you are looking to find.

If you’re a subscriber who has hundreds of messages per week, you will quickly tire of the time wasters. This “about me” section is where you first start your vetting process. While you want messages in your inbox, you should want messages from the quality of companions that you are looking for and not tons of messages from people that you would never consider dating. For this reason, take your time in brainstorming what points you want to make about yourself. If you love adventure, you do not want tons of messages from partners looking to sit on the couch and watch a movie indoors during all of your dates. Be wise and use words that will attract your ideal matches.

Next, consider which words you will use to allow your individual personality to shine! Are you funny? Are you clever? Are you a sapiosexual? Who are you?! For my younger readers, this will be your most challenging section to fill out. For many people, it is easier to describe what they are looking for than to describe themselves. If you are a mature younger reader, kudos to you! You’re ready to start writing your “about me” section.

Think about what you like to do and focus on those activities. Write down what specific goals you wish to achieve from the site. Consider your personality, your values and always keep in mind your expectations. If you do not communicate your expectations, expect some of your messages to ask you about what you want.

If you have written down your goals and keywords that are important to you and keywords that describe your personality, you are now ready to begin writing. Here is an example. If you are looking to have fun and keep things casual, use KEYWORDS that portray your intentions. Use a synonym dictionary to use similar words throughout your profile that all link back to “casual” and “fun.” The more times that you use the synonyms of the word ‘fun’, the computers at Seeking will register this word and rank you higher for potential matches who are looking for a fun match.

Your “description of what you’re looking for.”

Do a separate exercise, like above, but this time concentrating only on what would MOTIVATE your potential match to be searching for you on this dating site. Is your ideal match someone looking for a long term companion or is your idea match someone looking for something more casual? Then, describe why you would be the ideal companion for them.

Remember to do your synonym search for your keywords and use sentences that portray your special and unique personality. In this section, you may want to consider using words to describe the type of lifestyle that you’re looking for.


Your potential companion will be looking for keywords that motivated them to be on the site in the first place. They will be reading what you have to say about yourself to find out if you are what they are looking for. Finally, they will read the section where you talk about your ideal match. Keep all of these steps in mind when writing each of your sections.

All sections are equally important. While your pictures will determine whether or not they click on your profile, remember that what you write will ultimately push them to contact you or to continue searching. If your pictures captured someone’s attention, it is up to your words to bring them to a “call for action;” to message you.